Momup! Monday: How should children address adults? (Ma’am? Mrs? Hey you?)

Momup! Topic: How should children address adults?

I grew up being taught that you address adults as Mr. and Mrs. followed by their last name as a sign of respect. However it seems as though this value, like so many others, is becoming more lenient in modern society.

This question has come up before in our playgroup and for the most part, once our children can speak, we have them address other moms as Mrs. followed by their first names.  It is sort of a middle ground title if you will, but it seems to be pleasing for the adults and the children can actually pronounce our first names.  To be totally honest I always thought my last name would be a tricky one for children (I know it was for me when I changed my name after marriage, I was like, “How do I say my last name again hun?”) and I don’t want to put any child through that so I am fine with Mrs. Kat. However, that being said, we had a party on Friday and their was a young man, only 5 years old, who addressed me as Mrs. followed by my last name and he said it clear as day. At first I was like my mother-in-law is here? Then I realized he was addressing me and what is more, I kind of liked it, it felt more respectful than Mrs. Kat.

The gentleman in the following clip also brings up some valid points.  Please take a moment to review it and reply to the questions below.


People are always complaining about how children are less respectful these days do you think requesting that a child address you as Mr. or Mrs. followed by your last name would foster a more respectful relationship?  Or maybe you think the more relaxed method of addressing adults by their first name, as the clip indicated, is better and a child might be more willing to discuss a concern with you and have a closer relationship?

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