Momup! Monday: How should children address adults? (Ma’am? Mrs? Hey you?)

Momup! Topic: How should children address adults?

I grew up being taught that you address adults as Mr. and Mrs. followed by their last name as a sign of respect. However it seems as though this value, like so many others, is becoming more lenient in modern society.

This question has come up before in our playgroup and for the most part, once our children can speak, we have them address other moms as Mrs. followed by their first names.  It is sort of a middle ground title if you will, but it seems to be pleasing for the adults and the children can actually pronounce our first names.  To be totally honest I always thought my last name would be a tricky one for children (I know it was for me when I changed my name after marriage, I was like, “How do I say my last name again hun?”) and I don’t want to put any child through that so I am fine with Mrs. Kat. However, that being said, we had a party on Friday and their was a young man, only 5 years old, who addressed me as Mrs. followed by my last name and he said it clear as day. At first I was like my mother-in-law is here? Then I realized he was addressing me and what is more, I kind of liked it, it felt more respectful than Mrs. Kat.

The gentleman in the following clip also brings up some valid points.  Please take a moment to review it and reply to the questions below.


People are always complaining about how children are less respectful these days do you think requesting that a child address you as Mr. or Mrs. followed by your last name would foster a more respectful relationship?  Or maybe you think the more relaxed method of addressing adults by their first name, as the clip indicated, is better and a child might be more willing to discuss a concern with you and have a closer relationship?

The Culmination of 30 Days of Gratitude

Thank You Notes

As our 30 days of gratitude culminates we are gathered in the kitchen to help our daughter complete her thank you notes for family and friends.  What a beautiful way to complete our 30 days, together helping a family member complete her notes of gratitude towards family and friends.

Our family has truly enjoyed the past 30 days and we hope your family has as well.  We have received so much more in return for our small acts of kindness, it seems like the outlook in our home has become more positive and encouraging.

Our son asked, “Do we have to stop our gratitude attitude now that November is over?”  To which I replied, “How would that make you feel if we stopped doing nice things for others?”  As he looked at me with pure disgust he exclaimed “That would make me feel not happy, I like to help, and I am a good helper”.    I gave him a big hug and stated that I agreed.  So, it has been decided, in our home an attitude of gratitude is not something we merely express during the month of Thanksgiving but year round.

An attitude of Gratitude has become a way of life for our family and we hope this is true in your family as well.  Remember that gratitude, no matter how small or large the act is gratitude no less.

We have collated some of our acts of kindness from the past 30 days to share.

Hannah’s Socks, a non-profit organization founded by a young Toledo girl to help homeless, victims of domestic violence, and underprivileged children.

Good Egg awards- I like expressing my gratitude to my children this way. It is important that as parents we address and reward the good behavior, not just address the bad.
Image of Crunch Krispies on a stick, for the bake sale to raise funds for Special Olympics
Preparing a meal to take to a friend
A surprise visit to a family member’s home (Tip- if you are visiting an elderly person, or someone without children, bring something for your children to do, it is your responsibility as the parent to occupy your children’s time).
Kiddos helped make muffins for a friend.
Toby our Gratitude Turkey, it was fun listening to the things each child was grateful for and helping them sound out and spell the words. We are going to miss that turkey; he is packed away for next year.
Thanksgiving package for friends that live out-of-town, kiddos had fun picking out the card and stickers
Dropped off donations at the Animal Shelter
Bubbba was adorable, an 8 year-old Labrador. I wanted to take him home but my house is very small as it is with only one Labrador. We did pray that Bubba found a safe and happy home with a family to play with him.
Sassy was also cute. Again, it was so tough walking away from those cages. If you are a family looking to expand your family by four-legs, do consider stopping by your local shelter first. There are some amazing animals there, some have even been trained but the owners lost their homes or moved.
Kiddos donated their candy to Make-a-Wish

And many more….

Though I enjoyed all the larger acts of kindness we shared as a family what truly moved me was watching my children illustrate small acts of kindness towards each other. I enjoyed watching my four-year-old Power Ranger rushing over to help his one-year-old baby sister get back up and placed her crown back on her head after she slipped on her princess dress.  I enjoyed listening to a conversation between our six-year-old and four-year-old where one gave their favorite toy to the other to borrow (there were some stipulations of course).  But the fact that they are learning to illustrate kindness towards their siblings makes this mom so grateful. I leave you with the following quote and hope you will share some of your family’s acts of kindness and reflect on how the exercise affected your daily activities and life in general.

 There is not a more pleasing exercise of the mind than gratitude. It is accompanied with such an inward satisfaction that the duty is sufficiently rewarded by the performance. ~Joseph Addison