Wednesday’s what would you do?

Let me set the scene…

So, we got home late last night from my parent’s house so the kiddos went directly to bed without making their lunches. Our 6 and 4 year olds fell fast asleep but the 17 month old had a high fever followed by crazy coughing fits.  So I gave her some Tylenol to lower the fever but for some reason Tylenol acts as a stimulant for her and she was up and miserable and she definitely wanted me to know it.  The night went a little something like this…

Or…another convenient method that is all the rage with the toddlers these days is just wiping their noses on mom. This way it cuts the cross contaminate process out entirely and she is guaranteed to get your germs. After all isn’t mom always saying you need to share?

We got cozy on the couch, or as cozy as one can get on a couch with a toddler that moves ever ten minutes.  I would get close to falling asleep then she would sneeze or cough a wet nasty cough using my face as a tissue and say “mama ouch”.  Her sweet raspy voice saying “mama ouch” really distracted me from the fact that my face was starting to stiffen up from the amount of snot I had accumulated over the course of three hours.  I say three hours because my eyes were constantly on that crazy clock determining exactly how much sleep I could get if we fell asleep at 1pm, at 2am, at 3am…then we were greeted by another visitor, my 4-year-old.  Followed by my 6 year-old at 4:30am, she had to sleep on the Yo Gabba Gabba couch on the floor surprisingly our couch could not comfortable sleep all 4 of us.  Around 5:30am I found myself exhibiting jealous feeling for my 6 year-old that was squeezing her long legs into a small Yo Gabba Gabba couch on the floor.  Why? Because that small couch only sleep one and was snot free!

You know you have reached a new low when you find yourself contemplating throwing your child off this couch so that you can sleep on it. I haven’t experienced jealous like this since I was in sixth grad and Kimberly pulled off the Blossom hats better than I did (what were we thinking?).

Unfortunately 7am came and I had still not slept a wink but this means nothing to anyone, after all I am mommy, we are supposed to just function on  oxygen alone, food and sleep are just luxuries.  Remembering the kiddos did not have time to make lunches the night before I quickly started to throw lunches together then got breakfast on the table.

Even after 2 cups of coffee this mama is still not waking up so I am running on empty for the remainder of the morning and I opt to do morning drop off in my PJ (it is really difficult to tell in the winter since I have a longer coat, boots, and sunglass on. Although it is not sunny out so that might have been a dead give away). 

Well at least my unconventional attire might have provided a topic of conversation for some mothers, your welcome ladies. I was thinking of you all along and how I could make your day more fluid and besides, there is nothing worse that sitting down with a friend and have nothing to discuss.

So, as we are heading out the door I do the double-check/reminder questions, which go as follows;

Do you have your folders?

Do you have your lunch?

Do you have socks on? (Yes, surprisingly sometime they rush out without socks even in the winter but I think my talk about frostbite and gangrene really help or just scared the crap out of them, either way they are wearing socks).

All of which my 6 year-old replied a firm YES.

Upon our arrival home I let out a huge sigh of relief, I did it, I made it through the morning mayhem on no sleep. Then I see it……

Stupid Kitty!!! She isn’t even smiling but it feels like she is smirking at me.

That crazy little kitty waving at me, I have never experienced so much animosity towards an inanimate object in my life.

So, what would you do?

They say children lean responsibility in three ways. First, by watching the behavior being modeled for them by their parents, they are watching your every move, secondly, by being instructed, and third, through their own life experiences.

I have already instructed her to remove her old lunch bag from her book bag when she returns home.  I have also provided guidelines in term of the morning routine of removing the lunch bag from the refrigerator and placing it into her book bag.  I also encourage her to double-check prior to leaving the house that she has everything that she requires. This morning she answered yes to all questions including the lunch bag question. Therefore is it time to move onto the third step, should I let her learn through her own experience?

They say (doctors, therapists, professionals, etc.) if you don’t do things for them and let them fail they can learn the consequences otherwise they will not take the ownership.  But they never said how hard it would be, should I just drop off her lunch? She is going to have nothing to eat. But then again she does get a snack and she does have friends who might share the stuff they don’t want, like the healthy stuff, carrots, apples, etc.  But then again I am the mom and I am supposed to provide for my children but I am also supposed to be raising a one day self-sufficient contributor to society. Ahhh…..I  don’t know what to do but maybe it is because of my lack of luxuries, you know food and sleep, gotta get me some of those.

What would you do if faced with this dilemma?

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