Savor your Saturdays…you only get 940

While standing in line at Toys R Us this past Saturday the cover of the latest edition of Parents magazine caught my attention. You know all those captivating saying they place on the cover in hopes of getting some sucker to purchase the magazine.  It read, be an in-the-moment mom, 7 ideas that will bring you closer to your kids. I struggled in line to hurry up and locate that article, why do they make it so difficult to locate those darn articles? I even contemplated getting out of line to locate and read the article and then get back in line. Unfortunately my daughter didn’t understand why it would be okay for mommy to read her magazine without purchasing it but she wasn’t aloud to open her Barbie and playing with it without paying for it first. She had a point. I was obviously not modeling appropriate behavior, but I had to know, am I an in-the-moment mom? Did my daughter and I just experience a moment? Darn it!! I had to find out, so yes, I am officially one of those “suckers”.

All I could think about as I drove home was am I an in-the-moment mom?  Meanwhile my daughter was talking about something or another but my mind kept going back to that questions. So once home I pulled out that magazine and made it my mission to find out if I am an in-the-moment mom. Oh, and the article is titled, Savor the Moments, (the article online has yet a different title) not be an in-the-moment mom.  Why do they make it so difficult? If I wanted to waste my time hunting for things I could search for all those socks that are missing their match, I could search for my car keys, my sunglass, my youth!

Finally so, I locate the article and just as I am about to read it my daughter comes over needing help opening her Barbies (they were buy one get one at 50% off and she still had money on her gift card from Christmas, my savvy little shopper). So after freeing Barbie for the penitentiary that was the display box (actually, it would have been easier to literally break Barbie free from prison than it was to get her out of that darn box!!!)  I finally am able to read the article. Well kind of, our toddler piled dress-ups and CDs on my lap while I read (but sat least she was quiet while doing so).

The synopsis is that the days with little ones might seem so long at times but they actually do fly by and it is important to savor the moments, to be present in those moments.  The article gave great suggestions for being a more in the moment mom including:

  • Take pajama walks
  • Have a taco night (my kiddos love theme nights!!)
  • Fix things together
  • Don’t drive everywhere
  • Play their games
  • Serve ice cream sundaes and popcorn

What really drove it home for me was reading that we only get 940 Saturdays with our children, from the moment they are born till the day they leave for college, only 940.  As I looked across the room at my little 6-year-old playing with her Barbies I realized I had already lost more than 260 Saturdays.

I tossed the magazine aside and rushed over to the CD player like it was on fire. I put the Disney Princess CD in, helped my toddler into her princess apparel, and we danced, and danced, and danced.  Then I went it the kitchen and played fashion designer Barbie with my 6 year-old. Meanwhile daddy and our son were eating popcorn and watching Transformers together.

And that is how we savored our Saturday.

And I am thankful that magazine caught my attention, it brought me back to reality. I was getting caught up with things that didn’t matter.

How do you live in the moment? What do you do to savor your Saturdays?

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