Live Experience & Review of The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure

As the movie began and the audience received instructions on the Oogieloves “dance” I have to be honest I did think to myself…will I be able to tolerate this movie….is it going to be obnoxious ….should I have taken an aspirin or two?  Then the vibrant colors, those cute Oogielove characters, and the entire storyline unfolded and I forgot about that preconceived notion that children’s movies are often intolerable to parents. Speaking of parents, the movie contains adult undertones to, the first one being J. Edgar, the vacuum, get it?  Then the fun began….

The butterflies fluttered across the screen and my 2 year olds eyes lit up as she sprang to action. She boogied her little heart out and then as the turtles slowly walked across the screen she made her way back into her seat. What I found was that she was so much more attentive to this movie than any other she has seen in the theater.  This was a pleasant surprise because again, I have to be honest; I was worried about how I would get her back in her seat and calm down in order to continue watching the film. After I had put aside my worries what I found was I was having fun dancing with my two-year old in a movie theater, never thought I would say that!

Meanwhile my 6-year-old followed the queuing with ease. She also sprang to action at the first sign of the butterflies.  She got up and danced, said the phrases when queued, and was captivated by the plot and the Oogieloves adventures!

My only child that seemed a little apprehensive about getting up out of his seat and talking during the film was my 5-year-old son. He has just gotten to that point where he knows what is appropriate movie going etiquette. So as the butterflies fluttered across the screen he eased to the edge of his seat but that was about as far as he would go. It was as if he was afraid that the usher was going to ask him to leave if he looked like he was having too much fun. But he wasn’t the only one experiencing this dilemma.

Most of the theater stayed seated during the dance portion.  I think this is just a norm that is difficult for  to break. In fact, as I got up to dance the third time it dawned on me that maybe the people behind me couldn’t see and that I should sit.  But then it occurred to me that if they can’t see, perhaps they should be getting out of their seats and dancing too? Why would you want to miss out on this fun experience with your children?

And a wonderful experience it was!


As a parent to young children I thought the plot was perfect.  The topics were appropriate; in fact I liked the fact that the story included shapes, animal sounds, and undertones that encourage cognitive development.  As a mom to younger children it was also encouraging to have them practice following directions. The characters were vibrant and contained unique features which I think is important because each child is unique.  I also liked the fact that the inanimate objects were characters too, it added to the innocence of the movie.  The cameos from Hollywood actors, the adult undertones, and the opportunity to dance with your children in a theater make this a positive experience for parents too!  No need to bring the aspirin but do wear some comfy shoes!

The price it right too! Earlier this summer our children were begging my hubby and I go see The Fresh Beat Band live show. We had to tell them no due to the cost. It was going to cost more than $150 for our entire family to see the show. And of course as parents we were disappointed too that we couldn’t take our entire family. The Oogieloves in The Bog Balloon Adventure is the perfect solution; it is like a Live show experience for the price of a movie ticket.

I give The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure an A, 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, and I can’t wait to see it again. In fact, I plan on placing it on our play group’s calendar and can’t wait to share this experience with other moms and their kiddos.

I would like to send a special thank you to the followingin  The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure family for providing a TRUE G-Rated film for my family to enjoy.

Matthew Diamond (director), Scott Stabile and Kenn Viselman (story creators),  Scott Stabile (writer), Kenn Viselman (producer), Angela Rivet (co-producer), Michael A. Chirco, Scot J. Moceri and David R. Schwarcz (Executive producers), Scott Stabile (lyrics) and Josh Gronner (original song writers) and stars…..Toni Braxton, Cloris Leachman, Christopher Lloyd, Chazz Palminteri, Cary Elwes and Jaime Pressly

Calling all MOMS!!!

In order for this movie to be successful and to hopefully encourage Hollywood to create more TRUE G-Rated films we need your help.  Hollywood needs to hear your voice, how?

We need you to support and promote the RatedGGG hashtag.

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