Toledo Navy Thursday

What a day! Since today was the last Thursday of summer break we tried to cram it full of fun things to do around town together. I am going to miss my kiddos so much once school starts. I so enjoy their company, hearing their thoughts and questions, just generally being in their company brings me so much joy. We have had a remarkable summer break and I hate to see it end. But, as many of you know my motto in life is ….Live each day to the fullest for it is a gift, live like it is your first, last, and best day. For we are not promised tomorrow, so cherish today. And boy did we ever!

Our day started off at The Toledo Museum of Art’s Family Center where the Navy was visiting for Navy Week. Our eldest worked on the themed projected that was inspired by Ginny Ruffner’s Beauty and Drama piece (you can view a movie on her tomorrow …click here for more info). Meanwhile the two younger kiddos found much joy in painting.  Then we went up to the Gallery for story time.  The kiddos each had a clue, a picture of Beauty and Drama to look for and a story that coincided. 

The Gallery had me a little nervous because the Glass Ignited exhibit held so much glass, duh! And there were gorgeous pieces displayed on a small platform that was practically level with the floor. Hello! Talk about a toddler’s dream come true and a mother’s worst nightmare! I can’t image that phone call to my hubby letting him know we now owed the museum thousands of dollars, nope, that would not go over to well. But surprisingly the only person who got yelled at was mommy. Yep, me! I was taking pictures in the gallery and apparently there are signs all over that indicate that photography is prohibited, whoops! But I did manage to sneak this pic prior to being informed of the no photos rule. Enjoy…but, let’s keep this between us….


Then we were off to our next stop, Black Kite Coffee and Pies. They have the most amazing coffee and pies! We had their quinoa, tofu, pine nut, and dried tomato pie with fresh pesto and it was like a symphony for the taste buds amazing! We also enjoyed their breakfast bar filled with so much goodness. And I purchased an iced hazelnut latte. I have to honest, I braced myself for the worst as I took that first sip and I was pleasantly surprised at how satisfied I was. It was better than Starbucks, yep, BETTER!! You heard it here first.

Then it was off to our next stop….Imagination Station!

As we walked up we were greeted by some rockin music, it was the Navy band. So we sat down for a few minutes and listen to the music before heading into Imagination Station.


Once inside we headed for the Navy Week exhibit where they had various uniforms and gear the kiddos could try on…and even some adults partook in the festivities (my sister).


We played in the Kid’s Space for a little while then went down to the docks to eagerly await the arrival of the Flagship Niagara, USS DE Wert, and the USS Hurricane on the Toledo Channel.  We walked along the water and even noted a few wildlife friends. 


The ships were a little later than we had anticipated but watching the Flagship Niagara arrive made it all worth it! All three kiddos got excited when they had their first glimpse of the flagship. “It’s Ariel’s ship” my daughter yelled. “Pirates” my son exclaimed.  It was such an amazing experience to share. 

I am so thankful for this Thursday and I hope all of you embraced your gift and lived today to the fullest. How did you spend your Thursday?

For the local followers,

Listed below is a roster of events for Friday, August 24 through Sunday, August 26 as we continue on with the Navy’s Commemoration of the Bicentennial of the War of 1812 and Toledo Navy Week.

Some notable events include:

Tours of the USS De Wert and USS Hurricane are open to the public

Where: International Park and Maritime Plaza, Toledo, OH

When: Friday at 12-5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday: 12-7:00p.m.

Tours of the Flagship Niagara – Tours of the ship are open to the public

Where: Maritime Plaza, Toledo, OH

When: Friday at 11 a.m.-4 p.m.

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