Paying it forward…care to participate?

I am sure many of you are familiar with the expression “pay it forward”.  The Warner Brothers film based on the novel Pay it Forward by Catherine Ryan Hyde’s clearly outlines the meaning and I am sure you have all had a chance to view the film.  But, in case you have been busy raising children over the past decade or so, and you still have Pay it Forward on your list of movies to see once your children go off to college I will elaborate.

Paying it forward, plain and simple, means having a good deed be repaid by simply doing a similar good deed onto others. Remember the Liberty Mutual commercial?



This is where you come in…

With the holidays rapidly approaching I can’t help but think of the many families whose lives have been turned up-side-down with unemployment, foreclosures, and even hunger. As a parent, I know my heart would be aching if I could not provide a roof, food, or clothing for my children and the additional pressures of the holidays would be monumental.  This is where I think we can come together and help.  

Many of you who have purchased products from an individual who owns a home business knows that there are often incentives for the host/hostess of parties. Thus, what if those incentives could be Christmas gifts for those families less fortunate…those families who are currently living in a shelter…those families that cannot afford to get their children breakfast let alone a storybook or toy?

I have teamed up with an Usborne Books & More consultant and am having an Eshow now through Dec. You can simply click here and start shopping for some pretty amazing books and more! Perhaps you have a kiddo whose birthday is coming up? Usborne Books & More make great birthday presents, life event gifts (new big brother or sister), holiday gifts, and even great ways to start a conversation with your child on various topics. Also, books are a great birthday party gift, in fact, I like to have at least a pile of books ready to go for that birthday party I might have totally forgotten about…you now,  that starts in an hour, (come on, like you haven’t been in that situation before?).

I will also have a button on the side of my blog for easy access as the holidays approach. Please do consider ordering through Usborne Books & More and you will not only be getting great products/gift but you will also be participating in paying it forward.

Do you have a home business? Would you be interested in posting a link on this blog, for free?

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