Case in point

The other day I was in the kitchen totally rockin my ‘mom uniform’ (yoga pants, tank tops, and a ponytail) while preparing dinner. Our eldest was doing her homework, son was on the computer, and toddler was hosting an impromptu tea party.  It was peaceful and quiet, for all of five minutes. Then the phone rang.  And instantly the kiddos jumped to action.  As if the ring of a phone symbolized a call to action, like a drill or warning.  But this was no drill, suddenly a full on game of follow the leader evolved and unbeknownst to me, I was the leader!

Like all moms, multitasking is simply a byproduct of the job. So while I chatted I continued with dinner, laundry, spot cleaning the floors, etc. I walked from the kitchen up the stairs, back downstairs, to the basement; you get the idea, and all the while with three little shadows. It is a wonder we did not trip over each other.  

As I hung up the phone two things crossed my mind. Confusion, I know I just had a conversation with someone on the phone but what exactly did it regard? Did I just agree to go somewhere, or do something?  All this multitasking is quite distracting.  And secondly, my pre-mommy days when I had all the time in the world but didn’t know it…before I was ever introduced to yoga pants…ponytails were only acceptable when working-out, and I could have an uninterrupted conversation on the phone and  recall every word!

Sure I miss those days sometimes.  But I would NEVER go back; as exhausting and lonely as motherhood can be at times I am addicted!   Also, I have come so far since those days.  I have a clear understanding of what is important in life.  I have grown to appreciate my authentic self and that is something I will never give up, not even for youth, though it is nice to channel my pre-mommy days from time to time.

Thus, on occasion, in order to remind myself that I am more than the household cook, cleaning lady, chauffer, etc. I like to put on something nice, or basically, not yoga pants. Do my hair, and then grab the iPad and give it a little makeover too.  I shed the iGuy case that screams ‘I am a mom’ and replace it with my sassy pink case that says ‘who’s that lady?… Totally not a mom that’s for sure’. 

iPad_eastereggs 013

iPad_eastereggs 007

Oh la la…no way those nails do the dishes, right!? 

Look at me being all sophisticated. Well, almost…busted!  Shhh….I am playing hide-n-seek. Like I said multitasking is a byproduct of motherhood.

iPad_eastereggs 015

So, if you are looking for an easy way to feel sophisticated while in the throes of motherhood give your iPad a makeover….checkout all the fancy garb for your iPad here

So what do you do to give yourself a break from motherhood? 

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