Memories are priceless but space is limited!

Letting go can be the hardest thing to do as a mom…letting go of the baby clothes, baby toys, adorable Christmas outfits, first day of school outfits, etc….oh the memories!  The difficult part is separating the memories from the physical objects. We place such a high value on these items because of our personal memories…we fear letting go because that may mean that we will also let go of the memory.


In order to overcome these fears make a digital scrapbook of your child’s special moments, special toys, clothing, etc. that can be placed on a bookshelf and reviewed when you please.  Clean up those items and give them a second life by having a garage sale, dropping them off at a resale shop, or donating them to a shelter. The fact that those items will now go towards making another child and mother’s memories should be enough to lift your spirits.

poolfood_gargaesale 013

So, in conclusion, the choice is yours, you can have a shrine to your past or start enjoying the present and make room for the future?

I have decided to do the latter and have my first ever garage sale, because space is definitely limited in our house, wish me luck!

And any advice and/or suggestions are totally welcomed and appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Memories are priceless but space is limited!

  • Ask if any of the neighbors want to have a sale the same day so you can advertise a “neighborhood garage sale”. Or if they even have items to put in your sale so you can advertise a multi family sale. People are more likely to come if there are multiple sales to go to close together. Also advertise any big sellers you have–tools, toys, furniture. If you have items you want to get rid of but don’t think will sell, set up a Free Table and put a big sign :p People will stop just to look at your free table and while some will only look at your free stuff, others will also check out the rest of your sale. Plus, when people see other buyers at a sale, they are more likely to stop because they want to know what the big draw is LOL

    And my kids would love your yard sale because you have things they would love to have :p

    • Girl you have some amazing advice!! I took note…next time we will have a neighborhood/multifamily garage sale and a free table, genius!! Thank you thank you thank you! I am going to really rock the garage sale next year! I think we will have it closer to the end of school/beginning of summer next year. Then half the money earned can go to some fun summer destinations…and we can enjoy a clean home free of unwanted clutter. Thanks again Piper!

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