Wordless Wednesday: Toy Catalogues, Ugh!

What started off as a good intention and small distraction while we waited for school clothes to dry (Have you ever remove the clothing from the washer, placed it in the dryer, and then totally forget to turn on the dryer?) ended up becoming a territorial, argumentative, and overall appalling scene! Why did I think this was a good idea? I will never look at Target the same way again! Lol!

In the beginning there was structure, patience, peace….

project_wishlist_pumkincookies 033

Then the girls got sidetracked by all the pink and sparkles and boy became frustrated….

project_wishlist_pumkincookies 035

The beginning of the end…all order went out the window. They were each told to circle 3 items. I asked how many they circled and the little exclaimed “twenty-three!” while holding up 5!?!  The eldest accused the middle of circling items that she had already circled. While the middle child looked perplexed and proclaimed ” I don’t like clothes!” which clearly had nothing to do with the conversation, but good to know…good to know! Lol!

project_wishlist_pumkincookies 029

Moral of the story…..Mom, always make certain you turn on the dryer!!

What do you do when the toy catalogues arrive at your house? Do you let your kiddos look through them one at a time…and if so, how do you manage crowd control? Do you hide them? Perhaps you use them as kindling for the fire? Do tell!

One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Toy Catalogues, Ugh!

  • My boys usually toss those to the side, I wish they looked at them! Lol We usually have a similar war over every toy in the playroom, because they always want to play with the same thing at the same time lol. I need two of everything!

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