You won’t believe what I overheard!

After a long day of running kiddos around, helping with homework, mediating sibling quarrels, laundry, making dinner (you know the drill) I was just about spent!  I had no patience left. I was feeling overworked and underappreciated. I was questioning my self-worth as a mother (3 year olds will make you do that ha-ha!). Wondering why it is that I bother doing half the stuff I do or say? Wasn’t it all just in one ear and out the other? It had gotten to the point that it seemed like the dog was the only one listening to me anymore. So I did what any mother would do when they hit their breaking point. I sent the kiddos up to brush their teeth and get ready for bed.


Since they did not have school the next day we had said it was okay for them to have a sleepover, which basically entails all 3 sleeping on the girls’ bedroom floor.  Not really that big of a deal but to them it is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Lol!

So I sent them up to get ready and a few minutes later the laughter started. My blood started to boil. I made a mad dash up the stairs. I halted suddenly when I overheard…..

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the Lord my soul to keep. Guide me safely through the night. And wake me with the morning light. God bless, mommy, daddy, grandma….

They were saying their prayers. I stooped down on the step. I managed to get a visual of the children sitting on the floor finishing up their prayers.  I was so proud of my little ones in that moment. With no direction to do so they knew that prayers are an important part of the bedtime routine.  I decided to stay on that step for a few moments longer and eavesdrop on the children.  Real mature, right!? But who knew, maybe I would finally know who dropped their gum between the cushions of the couch or who tore a hole in the leather couch, or who dropped the toothpaste in the toilet, there are quite a few cases still open and it would be nice to finally close them. Ha-ha! So I stood their basically waiting for them to incriminate each other (not exactly mom of the year material…it wasn’t one of my finest moments). But to my astonishment the opposite played out. They illustrated….

Faith-They said their prayers together and asked God to watch over every family member.

Compassion– The youngest tripped and her siblings came to her rescue and share their own stories of tripping on things and told her it would be okay.

Love– Big sis, our 2nd grader, read a book and helped her younger brother to sound out a few of the words and patiently answered her little sister’s persistent questions.

Gentleness– Big sister gently took out little sister’s hair bow.

Compromise– They had a discussion on who would sleep where and made some compromises.

Pure Selflessness– It was adorable. Our little Kindergartener let his little sister have his pillow pet and then made certain she was covered up with her blanket.


A tear ran down my face.  I had just witness the most beautiful thing. My children illustrating genuine faith, love, and compassion. They didn’t rat each other out or point fingers. They looked out for one another. So maybe the huge hole in the leather couch case will never be closed. But you know what I can close is the case of, am I even doing this mom thing right?  I am sure many moms can relate. You question yourself. You wonder if anything you are saying or doing is sinking in to those little souls. And just when you are ready to throw in the towel and race up those stairs, and lose it the most miraculous thing can occur. Reassurance! Reassurance is what we all want.  And God sends it to us if we are willing to listen.  This means you have to shut off those negative thoughts in your head and be open to the good.

Have you ever found yourself at your wits ends? Questioned your worth as a mom? How do you snap out of it? Or maybe you witnessed a genuine moment between your kiddos? Please share.

2 thoughts on “You won’t believe what I overheard!

  • I have really beat myself up over failing my daughter lately. I have a lot of health problems and I am extremely fat. Even though not all my problems are related to my weight it does make it worse. I feel like she is missing out on so much because I don’t run around the yard and play, we don’t do as many activities because I’m not feeling well. It’s hard to realize how much my bad choices are affecting her. I am afraid she is going to resent me later. But then she will pick up a book and read it on her own, she will help a friend without being told to, she will offer to help around the house and I see I am doing something right. But will it balance out?

  • Tammy I think as moms we are hardwired to question ourselves because we want our children to have the very best that this world has to offer. And in weak moments when we compare ourselves to other moms or when the children are acting up we feel a sense of failure. But we forget that the very best is us. Just because another mom can run around with their child doesn’t mean that she can provide the same amount of patience or guidance that another mom could. I firmly believe that God gave each mom specific talents in order to meet the needs of their children. And if we focus on the positive in life and utilize our talents we will be the role models are children deserve and they will remember the good. I think it all balances out. 🙂
    You are an amazing mom and don’t you forget it!
    Thank you for sharing Tammy

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