Why Frozen is my new favorite Disney film!

This past weekend the kiddos and I had the privilege of seeing Disney’s Frozen. To be honest I hadn’t much expectation for the film other than to entertain the kiddos for a couple hours and to possibly contribute to dinner conversation later.

pzoo_gg 004

I mean let’s face it it’s just another Disney “Princess” film and I am pretty sure we are all use to the drill by now. You know, something horrific happens to a parent or parents (often the mother, ever noticed that? What does Disney have against moms? Think about it, Jasmine, Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, BAMBI!). The princess gets herself into life threatening mischief, a prince saves her, and they live happily ever after.  And what do you know; within the first few minutes guess what? (Spoiler alert) The parents die. Shocker! Then a prince comes to save the day. Wow, didn’t see that coming! Haha! But wait….I was wrong!?

At one point during the film I actually found myself so enthralled that I was bribing my 3 year old to hold her bladder just for a minute longer so we could see what would happens next. Congratulations Disney, you did it! You finally broke the mold! Frozen is officially my new favorite Disney film.


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Frozen is chalked full of such valuable lessons on life. It was so refreshing to watch a Disney film that had a nice combination of fantasy and reality.

Reasons why Frozen is my new favorite Disney film:

  • The prince didn’t save the day, the princess did!
  • Princesses don’t wake up looking pretty.
  • We learned that when people express significant anger fear is often the underlying factor.
  • We learned that you can’t be selective with the emotions you stuff…if you try to stuff fear or sadness you are no longer being genuine and you miss out on love.
  • You can’t hide from your problems they will eventually catch up with you.
  • The longer you conceal your feelings the bigger the eruption when they do final surface.
  • Be cautious when ‘love at first sight’ strikes!
  • Ask for help.
  • Go after the ones you love.
  • She chose her love for her sister over her own life, her own happiness. A true selfless act of love…beautiful!
  • They did not live happily ever after…there was no princess bride at the end. I admire and appreciate that so much. I think it is so important that marriage isn’t rushed and who knows? Maybe after some soul searching they did get married or perhaps they found some issues they couldn’t resolve? I have a feeling that whole troll family thing might not sit well with her sister. Haha!

Frozen will be one Disney movie that we will definitely be adding to our home library. Thank you Disney for giving my girls a princess movie filled with fantasy and strong moral undertones. And a movie my son and daughters find entertaining (my son thought the snowman was hilarious…he kept laughing his infectious laugh, I loved it!)

Have you seen Frozen yet? If so what was your take? What is your take on the whole princess fairytale/fantasy? Is it good for little girls to have such unrealistic ideas in their heads? Please share. 

One thought on “Why Frozen is my new favorite Disney film!

  • I loved it as well and kept up my streak of crying in almost all Disney movies! You make great points (I liked that it didn’t end with a wedding!) and I also loved the music! So catchy.

    I don’t have a strong opinion like some on fairy tales – they don’t claim to be reality and really it’s what you choose to take from them and discuss with your children. I’m a big fan of seeing movies with my kids so we can talk about it. Great post and great movie!

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