You’re too old. As if! Growing old never looked so good! (Giveaway!)


I must admit, if you would have asked me my thoughts on ageing 10 years ago my reply would have been a negative one. And why not!?! Everything I had seen on television, in magazines, conversations with friends, etc. told me that once you get grays & wrinkles your life was pretty much over; you mine as well curl up into a ball and wait to die. Nothing about getting old seemed glamorous. Old people always complain about this breaking, that not working like it used to, etc. Ugh! Who looks forward to aches, pains, & complaining? No thank you! But that mentality has changed entirely! Now I am all, bring it on baby! Bring on the wrinkles, grays, varicose veins, menopause, etc. Why the sudden change? (Haha…no pun intended!) 3 words, Magnificent Role Models!!!

I have a new outlook on old and it is beautiful thanks to the amazing role models paving the way for all us advancing in age gals (FYI-that is all of us). Advancing in age, style, grace, life, love….advancing never sounded so good, so inviting!! So who do I have to thank for this new take on life? The gals from the absolutely amazing blog, Advanced Style (all 50+), the new Bond girl/woman, Monica Bellucci (50), the latest glamour girl to join L’Oreal Paris, Helen Mirren (69), and my remarkable mother (60).

If you have Netflix you have got to check out the documentary, Advanced Style. You will be glad you did! It follows around 5 advanced in age fabulous ladies! Each has their own magnificent sense of style. Each lives their life to the absolute fullest! I love the fact that there is a 95 year old who never retired her style. A 93 year old who makes her own wild eyelashes & still teaches art classes!! A 60 year old who lives her dream of being recognized!! Did I mention I am loving these ladies!!! Some have lost spouses and been through a lot but they never lost their appreciation for life, their zest for life! You have got to click here and take a moment to check out the blog that started it all.

Talk about breaking the glass ceiling, who ever thought the day would come when the James Bond girl would be 50!!! How awesome is that!



And Helen Mirren is absolutely breathtaking at age 69! Finally!!! We are embracing all that is life, wrinkles, gray, etc. Life isn’t over at 50. In fact, my mother has told me it gets so much better…she explained it in such a magnificent way that practically had me longing to be 60!


She said menopause isn’t that horrible thing that everyone makes it out to be. It is marvelous! Imagine being able to wear white whenever you want, no more cramps, no more having to buy sanity products…there are much more fun ways to spend money & time! It is freedom! And embrace the gray & silver. Be yourself. You will always look beautiful when you do. God didn’t get it wrong. Don’t fight it. Embrace age. Love yourself. Life gets better. But do take care of yourself so you can enjoy your life. Exercise so you can live your life to the absolute fullest. Take good care of your skin, bones…your body. Nurture the soul. Live!

Thus, I am taking her wise advice…though I am only in my 30 I know I need to start a maintenance regime now. I am taking better care of myself by exercising, taking calcium (I want to be rocking my style in Europe when I am 80 not stuck in a hospital bed with broken bones) I recently started using Collagen Serum on my face & neck purchased through Neocell (they offer a lot of great health & beauty products) It is a potent antioxidant and contains vitamin C & E, it protect & rejuvenate skin.  I have to be honest, not only has it helped with my combinations skin (a combination of winter face & exhaustion, haha!) but it has also tightened my face & neck a bit.  You have got to try it! And you are in luck because that is the giveaway!!!




Giveaway time…..

To enter the giveaway:

1-Like Mom on the go in Holy Toledo on Facebook

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3-Like Neocell on Facebook

4-Reply with a comment-expressing what ONE word best describes your take on ageing. 

Winner will be randomly selected March 8th @ 11:59pm

Curl up in a ball and wait to die, I don’t think so! We are going to give those 20 somethings a run for their money! Life ends at 50? I don’t think so!! We have only just begun at 50! Look out world there are a lot of sassy, fun, fabulous ladies with wrinkles, gray hair, & lots of life to live coming your way!!!

Disclosure: I received Collagen Radiance Serum to review, no other compensation was received, all thoughts & opinions are my own.

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