Catholic Variety Show for Kids & Catholic VBS

catchat 026

I am overwhelmed with joy & gratitude. We had such a remarkable day yesterday meeting the Cat Chat family, breaking bread with them, and enjoying their concert. You are probably thinking, what is Cat Chat, I know I was a few months ago when a close friend excitedly expressed that they were bringing Cat Chat to Toledo, more specifically our parish!

Cat Chat is a Catholic variety show for kids (and totally fun for kids at heart too!) composed of one very talented family of 7 & their cat Moses. Gerald & Denise Montpetit and their 5 awesome, adorable, kind, sweet, and did I mention talented children make up the Cat Chat show. They sing songs that have such strong messages but with an awesome get up and dance kind of beat. Songs about Jesus, the Sacraments, doing what’s right, not easy, etc. Catholic religious education has never been this much fun!

Let’s be honest, there are quite a few Christian based programs, shows, DVDs, CDs, etc. out there for children but hardly any Catholic based engaging, fun, programs for kids. There was definitely a need and I am so thankful that the Montpetit family saw the need, made the necessary sacrifices, followed their faith, and is sharing their talents while spreading the Catholic teachings. And boy do they put on a show!

As children entered the concert they received a paw stamp…look who received that special job of stamping hands! (fyi-that’s my son 😉 )

catchat 005

Let the show begin!

catchat 016

catchat 026

There were tricks, jokes, singing, dancing, unicycling, juggling, etc.

catchat 057


catchat 037

catchat 050


catchat 053


catchat 035

 catchat 083

Hope for the future, our children’s future was restored within me when I witnessed the children’s faces beaming with excitement when singing and dancing to songs about our faith. The Holy Spirit was definitely present!

catchat 096


We were sad to see it end.

We reflected on the concert on the way home and the conversations that evolved were outstanding! We all agreed that the Montpetit children make great role models. We really admired their musical talents and a discussion about perseverance followed, and having to practice an instrument even when tempted by other pastimes, specifically screen time. And thanks to Cat Chat unicycling has now been put on my son’s radar, unicycleing! Who knew!?!

I am officially hooked! I am a FAN of the Cat Chat! Why? Well, from a parents perspective I like the fact that I can pop in the Cat Chat CD, the kiddos inevitably get the lyrics stuck in their heads, and a continuous loop of positive, encouraging, life affirming lessons can replay over & over again….it’s nourishment for the soul! Likewise, the DVDs can offer me a moment of reprieve and I don’t have to worry about the impact it will have on the kiddos because I now it will be filled with positive lessons. I am also quite excited for their VBS program. There are tons of Christian based VBS programs but there is such a NEED for a Catholic VBS.


In conclusion, I would like to send our a HUGE thank you to the Shanks family for bringing Cat Chat not only to our parish but also into our lives! Thank you Shanks Family and Cat Chat for a fun filled family & faith based afternoon!

catchat 101





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