10 Reasons Why Jungle Junction is the BEST Indoor Playground

We made the most of our 1st day of summer break and took a short road trip to Bellevue, Ohio home of Ohio’s largest indoor playground, Jungle Junction!


Bellevue, Ohio is roughly an hour and ten minutes from Toledo, (give or take a construction barrel or two), and totally worth every minute of travel time. Directions were pretty straight forward until the last 3 minutes of our journey. I will warn you that it is a little tricky to locate at first. In fact, full disclosure, I drove past it twice! The address is 101 Cherry Blvd and Jungle Junction shares an address with a few other buildings/facilities including the pool. (FYI; if you enter the residential neighborhood you have gone too far). When you pull into the drive you want to veer left towards the pool, drive past the pool, and continue veering left and you will see the big brown/tan building that is Jungle Junction. Park, enter, and be prepared to be blown away by all the amazing features found in the Jungle for both parents and kiddos!

bellevuefun_2016 139

bellevuefun_2016 172

bellevuefun_2016 147

As you enter you are welcomed by the mammoth size of the structure as well as the smiling faces behind the counter. And this is the first stop in the Jungle that will blow parents minds, (you might want to sit down for this one) the cost of admission is only $5 per child for unlimited play!! All 3 of my kiddos got in for less than $20! I don’t know of any indoor playground structure that has an awesome bargain like that around our neck of the woods. But wait, it gets better…..

10 Reasons Why Jungle Junction is the BEST Indoor Playground

1.Cost of admission is unbeatable! Just $5 per child for unlimited play….ditch those shoes & enter the Jungle!

bellevuefun_2016 183

2. Six levels of adventure with over 60 play features including slides, air cannons, obstacle courses, and interactive game panels to keep kids entertained and challenged for hoursbellevuefun_2016 141

bellevuefun_2016 150

bellevuefun_2016 162

bellevuefun_2016 142

bellevuefun_2016 160

bellevuefun_2016 155

3. A dedicated toddler tumble zone with molded jungle friends for climbing, crawling and sliding the day away

bellevuefun_2016 166

bellevuefun_2016 182

bellevuefun_2016 168

bellevuefun_2016 170

bellevuefun_2016 173

bellevuefun_2016 176

bellevuefun_2016 175

4. Jungle Junction has free Wi-Fi for parents, just inquire about the password.

5. Clean restrooms with no automatic flushers or loud hand dryers (this is a BIG win for us mommas with kiddos who have sensory issues). Speaking of sensory issues, there is talk about them have a few mornings a month open for special needs/kiddos with sensory issues when they will turn off the loud cannons that shoot bursts of air…make certain you like their Facebook Page to stay updated on all special events/hours

6. Little kids potty in the restrooms for the tiniest of potty goers & changing stations in both women and men’s restrooms

7. Something for every AGE- Table & chairs where parents/older kiddos can sit and use Wi-Fi, Toddler area, and area for big kids….it is hard to find a place that can accommodate a family with large age gaps, Jungle Junction for the ultimate WIN!

8. Vending Machines available with cold beverages and snacks (no outdoor food allowed but you can pack a picnic and enjoy your meal at one of the sheltered picnic tables located within walking distance from Jungle Junction)

9. Parents can go in the structure, (just make certain your bring your socks)so you don’t have to worry about little ones maneuvering the structure solo or getting stuck somewhere…nothing worse than trying to navigate your crying 4 year old down from a structure while you’re on the outside looking up

10. Controlled environment will keep you cool in the summer and warm when the weather turns cold and wet.


Address: 110 Cherry Blvd. Bellevue, Ohio 44881

Hours: Mon-Thurs 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat. 10am-8pm & Sundays 12pm-7pm

Cost: $6 per child, unlimited play

Ages: Toddlers-12 years of age

Socks are a must! (Available for purchase $2.50)

Changing Areas: YES

Toddler Area: YES

Phone Number: 419.484.5532

Website: http://www.junglejunctionplay.com

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