3 Summer Wellbeing Tips For The Whole Family

Summer is right around the corner and it’s a great time to focus on our health! The weather is at its peak, the flowers are in bloom, and it’s exciting to get outside! However, with a busy life, it can be hard to prioritize your health. Here are some unique ideas to help get you motivated to focus on the your mental and physical health and that of your family.


1-MAKE THE TIME-Improve your mental health by simply taking the time to do the things you love

Utilize holidays like Father’s Day & 4th of July to take a break from work, spend time with your kids while they’re off from school, and get active. Make plans over these holiday weekends to get away from work or any hustle and bustle in your life and spend time recharging with your family. This break can help you all relax, bond, improve your mental health by simply taking the time to do the things you love. If you want to get some physical activity this weekend, go somewhere you can hike, swim, canoe, or even rollerblade around with beautiful scenery. If you only have time for a day trip, that’s okay too! Need some inspiration? Here’s a list of 101+ places to go with your kids in Toledo. The important thing is, is to take intentional time to bond as a family.


2-GET ADEQUATE SLEEP-Limit Screen Time! Too much blue light exposure can disrupt your sleep/wake cycle, causing difficulty falling asleep & deprivation.


Did you know that blue light can affect your vision? With cellphones, computers, and tablets becoming more and more prominent in our daily lives, we have to be more vigilant about screen time, especially for our kiddos. Artificial blue light, like that from digital screens and LED light bulbs can have detrimental effects on health and eyesight. Too much exposure to blue light can cause digital eye strain, which means your eyes become dry, itchy, and blurred. Blue light can disrupt your sleep/wake cycle, causing difficulty falling asleep and deprivation. This can be especially hard for children who have to wake up for school, camps, or sports and can begin to affect their focus, effort, and mental health. To help combat these effects, browse for new eyeglasses that have blue light filtering lenses for you and your children. These glasses can help block harmful blue light from reaching the eyes and affecting physical health. Try to be very proactive on limiting screen time before bed to reduce the effects on the sleep cycle. Luckily, now smartphones come equipped with night mode to remind us it’s time to wind down and stop looking at our screens to help us all get a good night’s rest.


3-BE ACTIVE!-Impromtu game of ball is great for your metal, physical & emotional health! July 15th-21st is National Youth Sports Week!


There are virtually endless benefits to children who play sports from a young age. Children can boost their physical health by playing an active sport, especially outdoors during the summer months. Not only are they bettering their strength, stamina, and coordination but their lung and heart health too! However, it’s especially important for kids to reap the mental and emotional benefits of playing a sport. Sports allow children to show leadership, companionship, and great communication skills with peers. It can also help with feeling included, confident, and worthy, which is amazing for a person’s self-esteem as they begin to age into adolescence.



Take time each month this summer to focus on your health and wellbeing, especially utilizing that time your children have off from school. Whether it’s your physical health, mental health, or bonding as a family – these are all equally important when it comes to caring for your overall wellbeing.


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