Fun Family Rainy Day Activity

After being quarantined for eternity the last thing we WANT to do is spend one more day indoors! We want to get outside, take bike rides as a fam, pack a picnic, go on scavenger hunts, etc. And to be honest, I think most of us would legit keep our outdoor plans  if the forecast just calls for scattered rain showers…we will legit get a bit wet, shoot, we’ll get soaked, but lightning, thunder, a storm is something different. Thus, when the forecast calls for storms here’s an awesome fun activity the entire fam will enjoy! 


What you need:

  • Access to YouTube
  • Pencil/pen
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Canvas
  • Or…whatever you have on hand
  • Snacks
  • Wine/beer (for mom & dad ;))


Getting Started:

Head over to, Artist at Heart Paint Party on YouTube where you’ll find Denyse Carbonell, a certified art teacher who holds a Master in Art Education from CWRU & Undergrad from The Cleveland Institute of Art.  She offers awesome, FREE, virtual, ONLINE Art classes the entire family can attend…in a word, she’s “AH-mazing!”  She provides background on the artist and/or the artist’s piece of art and then gives a step-by-step tutorial on how you can recreate your very own inspired masterpiece. And since it’s on YouTube you can pause to grab snacks or use the restroom and rewind if need be as well.

It took us awhile to decide on an artist/piece, but we finally landed on, Kandinsky Shape Interactive Live Art Party



We ordered items for pickup from a local craft store and grabbed our paints, brushes, & canvases via curbside. And then set up a spot for each of us around the table and one lucky kiddo scored the easel spot closest to the television.



We enjoyed learning about Kandinsky and his art.



We each enjoyed adding our own personal taste to our Kandinsky inspiration.










I was shocked when we finished, 4 hours later! I couldn’t tell you the last time we all sat around the table so intent, relaxed, and full of enlightenment to complete something together, yet, individually. It was such a unique and enjoyable experience. And I was shocked how good everyone’s turned out…we even have our youngest piece of art hanging in our hallway (that’s HUGE in our family, I don’t just hang kiddos art work all over the house…most are lucky if they make it off the refrigerator) The kiddos had so much fun they are already requesting that we do this again, rain or shine! And we will, I’m adding more canvas and paint to our “Summer 2020 Bin”, so we can complete at least 3 more throughout the summer.

Have you participated in one of these free online virtual art classes? Do you have a fave? Or perhaps after perusing the options, which one are you most looking forward to?

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