Helping Your Parents to Prepare for Retirement

Do you worry about whether your parents are prepared for retirement? It’s natural to be concerned about whether they have adequate savings and investments and how they might need to adjust their lifestyle once they’re no longer working. You might also be thinking about where they’re going to live and what might happen if they need some extra support in the future. Parents often won’t talk to their adult children about their finances, which can leave you concerned about whether yours are prepared for retirement. If you want to help make sure your parents are ready, there are some things that you can do to help them prepare.

Think About Living Arrangements

Housing is a priority to consider if you want to help make sure your parents are prepared for retirement. Many people will have paid off a mortgage when they reach retirement. At this point, they may need to decide whether to downsize to a smaller home. Some people might consider looking at resources like, which show them the benefits of retirement communities. You can help your parents to explore the different options available to them. If your parents are still renting, they will need to ensure they can afford to continue.

Dealing with Debts

Retiring with debts isn’t the best choice. It’s much better to have any substantial debt paid off before retirement. Getting your parents to talk about debt is often difficult, as they can be reluctant to talk about money at all. People often feel ashamed about debt, even though it’s normal to have. But if you can get your parents to open up about debt, you can help them to create a plan for paying off their debt before they retire. You might be inclined to help out financially, but you can also just help them to make sure they’re tackling their debt.

Organizing Finances

Being organized with money is a must during retirement. When you’re no longer directly earning money, it’s important to know what you have coming in (and from where) and what you have going out. One thing that people getting ready for retirement should do is rethink their budget. You could help your parents to do this by sitting down with them and working out what they can afford to spend. Most people’s budgets will change in retirement. They no longer have to commute, they don’t have children to support, and they may have paid off their mortgage.

Ensuring Social Support

It’s not just money that matters in retirement. It’s also important that your parents have a supportive network of friends and family. Loneliness and isolation can be a big problem among retirees and older people, but you can help by ensuring your parents have people who are there for them. This is one reason many people choose to move into a retirement community, where they can socialize with others their age and who share similar interests.

If you’re concerned about your parents’ future, you can help them to get ready for retirement. Encourage them to organize their finances and consider what their retirement will look like.

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