SAFE, LOCAL, Princess & Character visits are the perfect Holiday Gift! ($15)

Anyone else have Princess Fever? Tis the season when we usually see our favorite prince, princesses, and additional characters gliding across the ice at Huntington Center. It’s a long standing tradition in our family and of course this year it just won’t be the same. Pile on the fact that most families had to cancel any plans to head to Florida or California to see the big mouse and princesses in-person and we’re practically dealing with a whole new pandemic, the Princess Blues Pandemic….don’t worry, TP sales aren’t affected with this one. 😉 Thankfully Princess Essentials LLC has the remedy for this ailment and for a cost that can’t be beat! 

What is Princess Essentials LLC?

Princess Essentials LLC is a premier children’s entertainment company offering in-person and virtual packages for Northwest, Ohio and Southeast, Michigan! 


Their virtual greeting packages start as low as $15, and their virtual party options start as low $30 – the perfect way to add some cheer to your child’s birthday or special event!

Do they offer in-person events? Any special Holiday Deals?

They are offering in-person events, and safety is their top priority! Their Meet and Greet Packages start at $40 and are a wonderful (and safe!) way to bring some magic to your holidays! They are also offering Royal Holiday Deliveries for $55 that include a special holiday gift bag for your little one! 

Visit them online at to view all of their package options.

ALL of their performers follow CDC guidelines and will be wearing masks for any in-person visits. 

Princess Essentials LLC looks forward to spreading some much needed magic this holiday season, and is excited to announce the arrival of three new characters including our Ice Princess, Cinderella, and Rapunzel! All of our characters make the perfect addition to your child’s birthday celebration or holiday festivities. We know that 2020 has been a difficult year for many families and their children, and we hope to add some joy this holiday season from a safe distance until we can all celebrate safely together again!

Princess Essentials LLC



Cost: $15 and up see website for full menu of options 

Book: Bookings can be made on our website or call at 567-868-8050

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