101 Fun Activities to do with Kids at Home

What day is it? Between remote learning, winter break, working from home it’s a wonder any of us know what day it is! lol! Sure structure, routine, & sticking to a schedule are how most of us are trying to maintain our sanity, but the home wasn’t mean for all work and no fun! The home should be a safe haven, away from all the commotion of daily life, a place where the fam can gather for some quality time together….after 10 months of kicking it at home your creativity level might be running on empty, here’s some fun ideas!

1. Build a fort

2. Have a Rainbow Loom Marathon

3. Build a Lego world!

4. Science Experiments!

5: Bake Bread….comfort food is exactly what we need right now

6. Have a puppet show with homemade sock puppets


7.  Make edible play dough

8.   Edible finger paint

9. Have kiddos help clean out your junk drawers….some kids love office supplies

10. Make your own art

11. Host an Art Show displaying said art

12. Detective Mystery Teasers for Kids

13. Make bathtub paint

14. Tactile tubs

15. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

16. Make pancaked!

17. Have a spa day

18. Have a Super Hero Day

19. Host a Movie Night…Just for your family 😉

Neigborhood Movie Night

20. Declare it a Minecraft Day

21. Host your own Cupcake Wars with play dough or real cupcakes!

22. Make your own obstacle course

23. Host a fashion show

24. Invade the recycling bin and create sweet sculptures!

25. Play restaurant

26. Write and illustrate a book

27. Host a dance party

28. Have a game day!

29. Make a card for a neighbor to brighten their day.

30. Learn about the solar system….


31. Make your own matching/memory game

32.   Make your own puzzle

33.  Put on a play

34. Record your own movie

35. Kids Workout Videos

36. Make a bird feeder

37. Go through pictures & souvenirs and make a scrapbook

38. Write a Newspaper article

39. Make super hero capes and face masks!


40. Have a day at the beach inside! Build a sand castle inside with this Watermelon Moon Sand!

41.  Make instruments & have a performance

42. Have a ball! Get a bunch of beach balls and have a blast….have kiddos each decorate their own balls with faces, etc.

43. Bubbles! Get the bubbles out and have a blast!

44. Online Puzzles for Kids

45. Make Toothpicks and Marshmallow Structures

46.  Paint with food!

47. Edible Gumball Necklace


48.  Paint Rocks

49. Make Rainbow bubble Snakes

50. Play Hot/cold- hide an object then other need to find it, person who hide says cold as they move away from the object and warm/hot the closer they get to the object

51. Start a Youtube Channel

52.  Host a book club…have kiddos read book or have parents read to them then discuss the book. Imagine you were the characters in the book, what would you do? How would you feel? Have each child come up with a different question.

53.  Play charades!

54. Make pet treats and visit a local animal shelter to drop them off after quarantine (call first to make certain they will accept them…if not, simply drop off donations, i.e. newspaper, paper towels, etc.)


55. Make Washi Tape bracelets

56. Get your hands on some cardboard boxes…don’t have any? Call local appliance store, big box store, etc. – here are 31 wild ideas!!

57.  Make silly putty

58.  Make slime

59. Make a Volcano!!

60. Freeze things in ice…always fun!

61.  Make snow

62. Banana Bar!


63. Make a masterpiece out of items found in nature…sticks, twigs, grass, weeds, flowers, etc.

64. Listen to an audio book

65. Have kiddos play archeologist…have parent burry objects in a sandbox, backyard, etc.  Help kiddos set up an archeological dig.

66. Make a Mason Jar aquarium….plus 15 additional fun things to do with a Mason Jar

67. Make your own soap! – Soap cupcakes with whipped frosting

68.  Chemical Free Jelly Soap

69. Go on Safari….place stuffed animals around the house & make this sweet Safari Vest!

70.  Walk on Coffee Can stilts

71. Make smoothies!!

72. Have fun with crossword puzzles, brain teasers, word search, etc.

73.  Make scented play dough! WHAT!? –

74. Let’s Talk Food! Have kiddos grab old magazines and make a poster board with all the food groups.

75. Grab your crayons and get coloring!! –

76.  Make Map Magnets, learn about geography-

77. Folding Fun- Make sweet Origami figures

78.  Make your own stamps & Stamp pads!


79. Make a self-portrait with magazine cutouts

80.  Make your own Magnet dolls

81. Play a game of good old fashioned Win, Lose, or Draw!

82.  Make Salt Dough– imprint cool objects, your feet, hands, etc.

83.  Glitter tattoo FUN

84.  What could you make with pennies?

85. Make a floor plan of your bedroom….make a couple more with different furniture layouts, find one you like and rearrange your room (with help from an adult)

86. Organize your books- non-fiction, fiction, etc.

87. Engineering & Architecture fun! Make a geodesic dome, bridge, and other fun structures with gumdrops and tooth picks!!

88.  Play some fun cup games!

89. I Spy

90. 20 Questions

91. Brain Quest!

92. Learn all about Teeth! Make some cool molars!!

93. Race remote controlled cars/helicopters.

94. Pool noodle games & crafts (pool not required)


95. Make homemade beads

96. Learn all the Presidents Names/terms 

97. Make Pom Pom Bunnies!! (My daughters loved this one!)

98. Crafts & Activities with Popsicle Sticks


99. Make Catapults  

100. Make Star Wars Toilet Roll Characters


101. Make a Bow & Arrows

Bonus: Unleash your child’s inner inventor by building a robot with hands-on STEM kits for kids ages 12 and up! No prior experience is needed for this fun, educational project.


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