PEEPS Taste Test Challenge

Peeps are to Easter what the Candy Cane is to Christmas! It simply isn’t Easter without Peeps! And the list of fun things to do with them gets longer each year….you can make Peeps Playdough, use them in STEM projects, make arts & crafts out of them, decorate a cake, etc. and we’re adding  Peeps Taste Test Challenge to the list!! Read more

101 Fun Activities to do with Kids at Home

What day is it? Between remote learning, winter break, working from home it’s a wonder any of us know what day it is! lol! Sure structure, routine, & sticking to a schedule are how most of us are trying to maintain our sanity, but the home wasn’t mean for all work and no fun! The home should be a safe haven, away from all the commotion of daily life, a place where the fam can gather for some quality time together….after 10 months of kicking it at home your creativity level might be running on empty, here’s some fun ideas!

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