Kidz Craft: Painting Rocks!

We will be planting our veggie garden very soon and the kiddos could not be more excited! They have enjoyed watching the seeds sprout and grow over the last few weeks. They have been taking turns watering them and they love watching them ‘move’. See we placed them in the corner of our living room so that they receive sunlight from dawn till dusk and you can literally see the leaves sway towards one window in the morning and the other in the evening. Nature really is fascinating!

The children, though excited to plant their garden are a little sad to see their plants move outdoors. So in an effort to make the transition a little smoother they painted rocks to place in the veggie garden.  So they went to town painting rocks to brighten up the garden with some color, to keep the plants company, and most importantly to put their little hearts at ease…..

rockart 004rockart 008rockart 007

and then we took a five minute break for lemonade and apple slices, yum!

rockart 003and then they were back at it….

rockart 010After painting for awhile they each completed 4 beautiful rocks to add to our vegetable garden.  I so enjoyed hearing each child’s explanation of their rocks. Our toddler based her inspiration on the fact that she can identify colors and knows which are her favorite. All of her rocks were pink, purple, and green.  Our son painted a Pentecost rock for the garden as well as a pirate rock, lol! What a crazy combination right!? So I asked him how he arrived at those and he explained that one is so that the Holy Spirit will be present and God will watch over the garden and the pirate will scare away all the bad bugs and animals, that explanation was so precious! And our eldest said her favorite of her rocks was the red, white, and blue rock because we live in America. I so adored listening to their explanations and can’t wait to see their rocks adorning our vegetable garden.

rockart 016rockart 017rockart 018


Do you have a craft or activity that you enjoyed/enjoy doing with your kiddos? Please share I always welcome suggestions/recommendations for future crafts…and easy isn’t terrible, hint hint!

4 thoughts on “Kidz Craft: Painting Rocks!

  • One of our favorites is homemade cards with 3D flowers 🙂 We cut out petal shapes from tissue paper and then glue several layers of the ends in a circle–paste on a construction paper circle for the middle of the flower and a stem and leaves and you have a flower with a big bloom that sticks out at you :p

    Another big hit was getting plain wooden picture frames and painting/decorating them for Gifts.

    One year we used beads and elastic to make necklaces and bracelets to give away.

    My oldest went with his aunt to a pottery place and painted a dinosaur. After it was fired and all finished, he presented it to me as a gift and it still lives on my shelf a few years later 🙂

    My little guy really had fun making a handprint stone for the garden! It is on my dresser, though, because I want to keep it safe ;-

    • These are awesome Piper, thank you thank you!! I am going to Hobby Lobby and stocking up on craft supplies now….bring on summer!! The dinosaur and stone with the handprint are those priceless mommy gifts that we can never part with, they are real treasures 🙂 Thank you for sharing and hope you have a great day!

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