3 Health Hints You Might Be Missing

Your body is a finely-tuned machine, and even if it doesn’t always feel like it, the way it operates is a pretty remarkable example of engineering. All of the processes that need to be just right in order for you to perform an act as simple as opening a door happen largely without you even thinking about them. So when we feel genuinely unwell, it tends to be a sign that your body is missing something that would usually be playing its part – it may or may not be anything serious, but it’s something to pay attention to. 

The truth is that a lot of us will go on for some time under the impression that we’re just a little under the weather, or that there is no reason for us to be feeling subpar. That it’s just one of those things. This is a mistake, because your body registering pain, nausea, unsteadiness or anything outside of the ordinary is a sign for you to pay attention, and to remedy it. This is something you should do, because often the “something” is so minor and easily remedied that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do something earlier.

Always feel cold? You may have an underactive thyroid

The thyroid gland sits in your neck and distributes hormones without you ever really noticing it’s doing anything. In actual fact, it’s carrying out some of the most vital functions in the human body, taking full control of the metabolism and also affecting the speed at which your heart beats and your body temperature. It’s the latter that can often be the first thing you notice: if you’re feeling cold for what seems to be no reason, it may be a sign of an underactive thyroid. The treatment for hypothyroidism is fairly simple, just a hormonal replacement – and you’ll feel better pretty much instantly, as well as averting more serious issues down the line.

Dizzy and tired? You may be dehydrated

Many people assume that dehydration is heralded by feeling a familiar thirst in the back of their throat, or maybe even a dry mouth. The truth of the matter is that if you’ve got to that stage, you’ve probably been dehydrated for a while. Other symptoms can show up before that, including a general listlessness, headaches, and dizziness. Drinking water will help, and rehydration treatments such as Reset IV are a beneficial way of not just getting back some of the much-needed hydration, but replenishing important minerals you may be missing. If you’re feeling more tired than usual, consider whether you’ve been properly hydrating.

Feel like you’re seeing the world through a fog? You may be B12 deficient
The human body is dependent on a lot of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients without which it becomes much harder to do simple things. A good example is vitamin B12, which allows you to make red blood cells and carry out some of the most fundamental bodily processes. Without it, there are a few signs that you might easily pass off as “one of those things”. Your hair can begin to thin and fall out, you can get mouth ulcers and frequent pins and needles, and it also affects your vision. It’s a little like someone has turned down a dimmer switch inside your head, and you may also feel more depressive and irritable. B12 supplements, including by injection, can turn this deficiency on its head in no time.

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