4 Habits You Can Adopt To Live a Greener Life

You can help the planet by using a reusable coffee cup and recycling when possible, but we can all do a little bit more if we tried. If you want to adopt some more great habits to make your lifestyle a little more green, here are some to try today.

It does not have to be a chore, and it does not have to take up a lot of your time or need a major commitment to live a more ecologically friendly lifestyle. With a few simple tweaks and a shift in routine, you will soon notice a significant improvement in the impact that you have on the environment that you live in.

#1 Switch things off when they are not in use

It is time to turn off the power fully once you have turned off your laptop or television or completed charging your phone or tablet. It is not enough to simply disconnect your gadget. This simply prevents your phone from charging, but it does not prevent power from flowing from the socket to the lead. Switching off altogether is better for the environment and may even save you money because wasted electricity can account for more than 10% of a home’s electricity. If you have a lot of things plugged in, consider putting them all in a multi-plug socket and turning everything off at the wall when you are done for the day or going to bed.

#2 Check the insulation in your home

When you have the heat on, you would not leave your doors and windows open, but if your home is not properly insulated, it is as if you are. You will be able to lower your thermostat, keep heat for longer, and save money in the long term by making a minor investment to improve your home’s insulation levels.

#3 Consider alternative forms of energy

Traditional forms of electricity are not the only forms of energy that you can use. These days there are many more options available, including wind power and solar power. Even if your home is not set up to have solar panels installed, you can still look at whether you can get involved in a community solar power system with www.choosesolar.com.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

#4 Shop smart and local where you can

In addition to reducing the use of plastics, it is now much easier to get products that are free of damaging poisons and chemicals, even at your local grocery store.

While products with less of the bad stuff in them are often just as effective as their biological counterparts, they are less likely to irritate skin and produce a less toxic waste product, such as laundry liquid that does not include lots of chemicals that can be harmful to aquatic life.

You could also shop locally where possible and eat fruit and vegetables that are in season in your country as well as locally sourced meat, to reduce the air miles and carbon footprint of your food.

Photo by Andretti Brown on Pexels.com

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