Pay What You Can Venue in Toledo?

Got teenager’s? The struggle is real! Here’s the thing about teenagers, they are a lot like toddlers, they adore naps, thrive on routine and schedules, and literally have no idea what they want to do with regard to their social life.  And what’s more, when you suggest something for them to do they will give you the side eye, eye roll, or a quiet “meh”. Thus, just like toddlers you need to help plan their social calendars. Which is no easy task especially considering the fact that they are still overcoming one of the most challenging years of their lives. A year that resulted in many teens having to deal with new social anxieties.  

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Whether you’re a parent trying to plan a gathering or a party for your own kids, a Youth Group or Scout Leader, you know this struggle is real. Adding the financial component to the mix only magnifies the struggle. To sum it up, we know that tweens and teens need to get out of the house to socialize, it’s good for their mental health. However their own resistance and the hunt for something fun that they’ll enjoy, that doesn’t cost a lot is exhausting.  The solution is here, Pay What You Can at A35 Sport and Social

A35 Sport and Social Club is a new Adult Sports Club in Toledo. I know what you’re thinking, didn’t you just say you could take your tween and teen here? Stay with me…I’m getting there. So the main mission behind A35 Sport and Social Club is to offer a fun atmosphere for everyone with getting into shape being a byproduct. They offer pickup games and leagues in basketball, soccer, volleyball, capture the flag, etc. A35 Sport and Social is perfect for a date night, girls night, guys night, etc. because why should the kids have all the fun!?! And this is SUPER cool, (this is where the teens and tweens come in) A35 Sport and Social Club offers a Pay What You Can opportunity open to all, where you can literally pay what you can to have your Youth Group meeting, Scout meeting, any organization’s meeting/gathering, birthday parties, etc. at A35 Sport and Social Club.  How cool is that?! 

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A35 Sport and Social Club 

Address: 3644 Marine Rd, Toledo, OH 43609

Call/Text: 419-277-9571


Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-9pm 

Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday  9am-9pm

Cost: Varies, see website 


Grand OPENING is August 28th 6-9pm. They’ll have beverages and some fun competitions!

And if you become a member, you qualify for the following competitions.

1.) Free Throw Competition

-Who ever makes the most consecutive free throws win $200

2.) Soccer Target Shooting

-Who ever makes the most consecutive shots wins $200

3.) Bump Set Endurance

-Who ever can bump and set the ball to themselves the longest wins $200

You can participate in all 3!

So, whether you’re a parent looking to plan an epic party to make up for the mere drive-by they had for last year’s b-day, or a Youth or Scout leader looking to plan your 2021-2022 activities, A35 Sport and Social Club checks all the boxes, it’s fun, perfect environment for socializing comfortably, and you only pay what you can! So what are you waiting for? Text or call them today! 

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