Most Common Reasons Why Furniture Damage Happens

No matter how careful you are with your furniture, some sort of damage will always happen. It’s just a fact of life that well-loved furniture will incur some sort of minor surface blemishes. The best thing you can do to save your furniture from these marks and scars is to actively avoid the activities that lead them. To help, here are some of the most common reasons why furniture damage happens.

Misplaced Furniture

One of the most common reasons for scuffs and scrapes on furniture’s lower areas is misplaced furniture. As a general rule, you should never have to walk around a piece of furniture to get through a space. Poorly placed furniture is dangerous in case of a fire, and it also overcrowds the space and makes it more prone to those floor-level scuffs that are so unappealing.

Hot Plates and Wet Cups

Another common cause of furniture damage is carelessness—specifically in the form of placing hot plates and wet cups on wooden surfaces. Burns and water stains are some of the most forms of damage on wood furniture pieces. This is quite unfortunate, especially when you consider the fact that it’s so easy to prevent this damage in the first place. To stave off these stains and protect your wood furniture from heat and moisture, consider keeping some thick coasters and pot holders handy.


Even if you love your animal to the utmost degree, there’s no denying that pets can cause a lot of furniture damage—even when they don’t mean to. The sharp claws and snapping teeth usually probably catch fabric at some point in your furniture’s life. The absolute best way to prevent this is to not allow your pet on the couch, but if you cannot bear to do that, it might be better to cover the fabric with a thick blanket.

We hope this article has illuminated the common reasons why furniture damage happens. Remember that a small amount of prevention is worth a lot more than any amount of cure with this sort of thing. Always be on the lookout for things that could hurt your furniture, and take the necessary actions to protect them.

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