Tips for Helping Children Navigate Life Changes

Growing up isn’t always about playtime and smiles. In fact, children are very inquisitive creatures and often have questions about life. As parents, we mustn’t ignore these questions because they’ll help kids become more stabilized adults. Along with answering their questions, it’s a parent’s responsibility to help little ones deal with change. Read these tips for helping children navigate life changes if you’re nervous about having the conversation.

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Listen To Their Concerns 

It’s of primary importance to listen to child’s concerns when they bring them up. You shouldn’t dismiss your child’s questions about change. Instead, sit down with them and try a conversation about what’s going on. This past year and a half alone has been full of changes. Kids started e-learning from home, child custody changed during the pandemic, and many parents are now working from home. All of this can be confusing for a little one! So, do your best to listen to their worries.

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Include Play in the Discussion

You may be thinking, “It’s impossible to sit down and have a conversation with my child.” That’s perfectly okay. Instead of sitting on the couch to talk, try to bring things down to their level. One way to get them to open up is through play. Here are a few suggestions that might make things easier:

  • Do a puzzle as you talk to your little ones about the changes coming up.
  • Try building a fort and have the conversation in a fun environment.
  • Bake treats that you both can eat as you talk.
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Read Books About Change

Children’s books can be incredibly helpful when discussing difficult topics. Don’t be afraid to look around your local bookstores looking for books about change. Kids might be able to comprehend the subject a little more if they can connect it to a story or character. Using character voices wouldn’t hurt, either.

These tips for helping children navigate life changes will make a challenging conversation that much easier. Kids deserve to know what’s going on around them. If parents want their little ones to trust them when they grow up, they should be honest with them about changes happening in life.

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