Delicious Foods You Didn’t Know Were Edible

One of the great joys of cooking is that you get to discover new ingredients and flavor combinations. As you get more comfortable in the kitchen, you may come across new surprises that change your cooking forever. You may even discover there are delicious foods you didn’t know were edible. From pumpkin seeds to potato peels, honeycomb to cabbage hearts, it may surprise you what things on this planet are not only edible but truly delicious.

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Pumpkin Seeds

Many people waste perfectly good pumpkin seeds every time they make pumpkin soup. However, you can roast those seeds into a delicious, healthy snack. Since they have lots of nutrients and are fun to chew, you can pack them in a desk drawer for midday pick-me-ups. Alternatively, you can leave them out for guests to enjoy.

Carrot Tops

Carrot tops are also delicious foods you didn’t know were edible. They’re as nutritious as spinach or kale. You can throw them into your smoothies as delightful, healthy additions to your usual ingredients. They also go well with salads or falafels.

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Aside from being the substance honey bees use to build their homes, honeycomb is also a great snack item. You can coat it with honey and combine it with other foods that go well with honeycomb. These include cheese, bread, and salads. We already have so many reasons to be thankful for bees. This is just another on a long list.

Cabbage Hearts

There are many ways to prepare a cabbage heart. It’s a shame most people never consider their potential. But you can pickle them, throw them into soup, or even serve them with dip. Don’t ignore this delectable treat.

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Potato Peel

If you want a super crunchy snack, you can gain a lot of flavor from a potato peel. Just take a baking tray and spread your peels all around it. Then drizzle on some salt, oil, and herbs. Bake it, and you have a delectable snack.

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