Simple Kids’ Crafts That Welcome the Fall Season

Fall is finally here, which means all things apple and pumpkin—without the flavor war—now have their time to shine! Something about autumn inspires creativity, so why not hone some of the inspiration and make it a family event? These simple kids’ crafts that welcome the fall season are fun to create in groups and don’t require a finessed experience to look great. 

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Leaf Scratch Art

Scratch-art is a hit with children of all ages and adults as well! Have your family fill leaf outlines with ample amounts of color. After that, they’re going to cover the color with a black crayon and cut out their leaves. With a toothpick, draw designs for a colorful, metallic result!

Paper Plate Scarecrows

Welcome a friendly scarecrow into your home with this fantastic craft! You’ll need a paper plate, a ton of yellow and brown construction paper, and a marker to create designs to bring this one to life.

Paper Plate Sunflowers

Another fun paper plate craft, this project requires you to help glue sunflower seeds to the plate’s center for an excellent take on the famous fall flower. If you can, try using yellow paper plates to avoid having your young ones spend lots of time coloring.

Seasonal Napkin Rings

Using an inch-wide piece of a cardboard roll and some leftover ribbon, cut the material to fit the size of the roll. Glue the ribbon down and let them dry before adding additional embellishments like tiny flowers and acorn charms for napkin holders to decorate your table.

Leaf Foxes

Take a standard leaf and flip it upside so that the longest tip is facing down—this is where your fox’s nose will be. Glue facial features such as a small fuzzy pom-pom to the tip and small triangular pieces of construction paper to the outer edges to resemble ears. Finish decorating your animal with eyes drawn on construction for a friendly fox. 

Felt Leaf Bookmarks

These bookmarks are adorable and easy to make. Cut your leaf outlines from any color of felt and glue them to the front of a popsicle. Don’t forget to have your young ones add detail to the leaves with a marker for a more realistic approach.

Glitter Leaves Garland

You’ll use more leaves from the yard than you think with this fun project! With some glue and glitter, you can add some shimmer and shine to your fall décor. Attach your bedazzled leaves to a ribbon, and it’s ready to display in your living room. 

These simple crafts welcome the fall season and are fantastic for young children and family members of all ages. With these and so many other easy fall crafts to choose from, you’re sure to find one that you and the kids enjoy! However, proceed with caution, as crafting can be addicting!

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