Reasons To Add Your Teenager to Your Car Insurance

Letting your teenager take to the road may fill you with either fear or elation. Whether you’re ready to get them out of the house or scared they’ll wreck the family vehicle, you need to know the reasons to add your teenager to your car insurance. Find out why you shouldn’t skip this fundamental step.

Add Your Teen Driver When They Get Their License

Though it is expensive to add your teenager to your auto insurance policy, many require it once they have their license. Laws vary by state, so talk to your insurance agent to find out what you should do to avoid future fines. You may not need to insure your teen until they’re 18, or you may need to insure them as soon as they get their permit.

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List Primary Drivers on Your Policy

Insurance companies typically require you to list the main drivers of a vehicle. If your teen is using your car to practice driving or borrowing it to drive to practice or see their friends, you should add them to your policy.

Insure Drivers in Your Household

It’s important to list everyone in your household on your auto policy. You can tell your insurance agent about children who will eventually become able to drive. As long as teens remain in the household, they can stay on a parent’s policy.

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Put Their Car on Your Policy

Rather than get your teenager their own insurance policy, you may save by adding their car to your own. No matter which type of auto insurance you have, it gets extended to your teen when you add their vehicle. 

The main reason to add your teenager to your car insurance is to make sure you’re following the law. Don’t let your teen drive uninsured. You may save money by putting their vehicle on your policy rather than paying for their own individual one. Protect your child no matter where they go when you include them on your insurance.

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