Essential Fireplace Safety Tips for the Home

The fall season is a great time to warm up by the fireplace on a cool evening. Many families will be preparing their fireplaces for the cooler months and relaxing by the fireside. Before you get all cozied up by the hearth, do you know if your fireplace is ready for use? Indoor fires can be cozy, but they can also be dangerous. Follow these essential fireplace safety tips for the home to make sure you prepare your firebox for cold weather.

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Keep Your Fireplace Clean

Keeping your entire fireplace clean is one of the best things you can do to prevent fire risks and accidents. This applies to the firebox itself as well as the area surrounding your fireplace. Make sure you clean out the firebox after every burn. Remove the charcoal, ashes, and other debris, and keep an eye on your chimney’s condition. If you burn indoor fires often, you should get your chimney swept professionally every year. Also, remember to keep any objects like decorative pieces or extra fuel away from the hearth to avoid the risk of the fire spreading.

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Utilize the Fireplace Screen

While the fire is burning, make sure to use the fireplace screen during periods of intense flame, especially after reloading fuel. The screen will protect the surrounding area from any embers that may stray from the hearth. The screen also protects your pets or young children from accidentally bumping or tripping into the hearth.

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Burn the Right Fuels

When it comes to indoor fires, make sure you’re burning the correct fuels. Whether you have a gas fireplace or not, use only approved woods and make sure to stay away from any fuel sources that could be toxic. Some unapproved fuels could spread toxic fumes through your home, affecting your health. Never burn trash in your home fireplace, either.

Don’t Leave the Fireplace Unattended

Much like you would never leave a fire outdoors unattended, treat your indoor fire the same way. Just because it sits inside the firebox doesn’t mean it’s any less dangerous than a fire out in the open. You should also have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket located in the same room or nearby in case of emergencies.

If your family longs to dust off the fireplace now that the weather is cooling off, make sure you follow these essential fireplace safety tips for the home. By monitoring these indoor fire conditions, you can keep your family safe and protect your belongings from fire damage. You can still have a cozy indoor fire and maintain proper safety conditions by following these simple tips.

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