How To Plan a Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is exciting: you’re celebrating a new baby’s arrival. There are many baby shower themes to choose from; however, they can be specific to gender. If you’re looking to have a neutral celebration, read this guide on how to plan a gender-neutral baby shower.

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Select a General Theme

The first step to planning any baby shower is selecting the theme. For gender-neutral baby showers, thinking of the perfect theme is fun. You no longer have to designate particular colors to genders, so you have various ways to go. For example, create a bee-themed party with bright yellow decorations or a beach-themed celebration completed with an ocean-colored punch. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

Pick Appropriate Decorations

When selecting decorations, it’s essential to make sure they’re appropriate for your theme. Since this is a gender-neutral baby shower, decorations that don’t specify gender are best. You can also stray away from colors that may seem “gendered.” If you need help selecting decorations, rubber ducks are one of the best gender-neutral baby shower décor ideas.

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Create a Menu

Creating a menu for a baby shower is one of the most fun and creative parts. After selecting your theme and decorations, you can create a cohesive menu. Finger-foods always go over well at baby showers; they don’t take much prep time, and clean-up is relatively easy. If you’re having trouble selecting menu items, think of the theme of your shower and go with that. For example, if your shower is bee-themed, you can serve lemon cake and honey biscuits. If you don’t want food to coincide with the theme, you can always serve sandwiches, mini desserts, or food you can pick up with a toothpick.

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Choose Games Fun for Everyone

Playing games is an exciting part of baby showers. They encourage people to socialize while having an enjoyable time. When selecting your games, choose a mix of interactive and solo games. You can try games such as baby bingo, blindfolded diaper changing challenge, or baby bump balloon pop. If your shower is in an open space, you can incorporate more physically challenging games, such as an obstacle course.

Baby showers are fun! Everyone is celebrating the arrival of a new baby. Although there are many baby shower themes, they can be gender-specific. Refer to our guide on how to plan a gender-neutral baby shower for tips and suggestions.

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