3 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Healthcare Provider

A year of quarantine due to Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of being able to connect remotely, especially with your healthcare provider. Here are three ways to stay connected with your doctors outside of traditional appointments.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

After-Hours Services

Health concerns aren’t restricted to business hours, and so after-hours services are vital to offering patients peace of mind. An after-hours call service is the most common way for doctors and patients to stay connected. Patients can call the office, an after-hours service notifies the doctor on call, and the patient receives a call back. With improvements to telehealth software, doctors can now choose between different modes of communication they can employ to respond to their patients, such as standard callbacks, email, or texting. Whatever method a doctor uses, patients know that their health concerns will be addressed.

Virtual Care

There are a number of reasons why a patient might not be able to attend traditional in-person doctor appointments. They may be traveling, unable to secure transportation to the office, or for health reasons it might be best for them to stay home. Comprehensive telehealth software gives doctors the ability to select the features and designs that best suit their practice. Patients are able to schedule virtual appointments and connect patients to their doctor via video conferencing. Doctors can provide links to articles and even add multiple participants to a call, such as fellow doctors or family members involved in the patient’s medical decisions. Providing a secure platform that adheres to HIPPA regulations means patients can be confident of their privacy. From scheduling appointments to securely transferring medical records, telehealth software streamlines the patient care process and can be a great way to supplement an after-hours call service.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

Mobile Apps

It seems like there’s an app for everything. Why not for your healthcare? Healthcare providers can use smartphone apps to supplement both business hours and after-hours call services. By providing patients with a convenient platform to ask questions, doctors can easily evaluate the urgency of the question and choose the appropriate timeframe and method in which to answer. A practice-wide mobile app not only reassures patients but also gives peace of mind to their doctors. By adjusting the settings in the app, doctors can set up an on-call system that ensures every minute outside of office hours is covered by a member of the practice. Using a mobile telehealth software has also proven to ease after-hours calls as it puts a patient’s healthcare concerns in their hands and makes them feel empowered. Rather than waiting to make a call until they have a moment after work, patients can message a doctor at any point throughout the day and be confident they’ll receive an answer.

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