The Best Party And Gift Ideas For Girls

Organizing a party and finding an ideal gift for pre-teen girls can be challenging. They’ve outgrown a lot of traditional toys and gifts, but haven’t quite reached the age of teen fashion and makeup. You don’t want to upset them by treating them like a baby or giving them something they have no interest in.

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Finding the right gift

It can be difficult to find presents that young girls like, but if you take the time to look online at the latest gift recommendations, you should find something. It’s important to check which age groups the gifts are intended for, but only use it as a guide. Some girls grow out of toys or games quicker than others.

If she likes art, fashion, and technology, the Fashion Design Light Up Sketch Pad combines all three. It makes drawing any of the 350+ stylish outfits easy, and it’s powered by USB instead of batteries.

Alternatively, Dance Charades can be a fun game for her to play with friends or siblings if they’re obsessed with all the latest dance moves.

If you know some of the things she enjoys, it’s easier to find a gift that she’ll love, based on these.

Unicorn themed party

Unicorns are popular with children and adults, so although it’s best to ask her first, she might love a unicorn-themed party or a sleepover. These can include anything from typical unicorn colors (usually bright and eye-catching) or unicorn onesies, to brightly colored or shaped food and decorations. You can pull out all the stops, or make the theme a little subtler, depending on her preferences.

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A karaoke party gives you lots of options. You can have your child’s favorite songs for her and her friends to sing along to. If they want to dress up as their favorite singers, you help with costumes and even make these as part of the party. Sandwiches and other food items can be star-shaped to represent the singing stars that they are (or want to be). You could even host a mini awards ceremony afterward. It’s best if you make this fair and award everyone for something positive. It’s supposed to be fun, not a serious contest.

Movie marathon

A movie marathon should be suitable, as you can adapt it to show the best classic or latest movies she and her friends love, or want to see. Dressing up as their favorite characters is an option. Popcorn and other snacks are a must. Make sure you agree on how many movies they can watch, and to let them enjoy themselves, without ‘cramping their style’. That doesn’t stop you from checking in from time to time to make sure everything is okay. You can ask whether they need more snacks, so it doesn’t seem like you’re checking on them.

Getting the right gift and party theme for your pre-teen doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s rewarding to see her enjoying your gift, and having fun with her friends after you’ve spent time planning.

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