Holiday Road Trip Essentials You Don’t Want To Forget

Most people look at holiday vacations and road trips as exciting and happy occasions, as they get to celebrate cheer among their loved ones. But a road trip without the essentials can turn into a nightmare if you leave without checking your boxes. What’s worse: sitting through an incredibly long road trip or sitting through an extremely long road trip knowing that you might have left something crucial behind? Here are a few holiday road trip essentials you don’t want to forget on your next journey.


You’ve packed your bags and are ready to go, but there are a few other items you’ll want to take along with you, especially when traveling by car. If you plan on driving a rental, the vehicle should have proper documentation, including registration, and a manual readily available in the glove compartment.

When driving your car, you’ll need your driver’s license, car registration and insurance, and possibly an extra car key should you find yourself locked out for any reason.

Car Necessities

Of course, your car needs its fair share of necessities before taking on a big trip. A roadside emergency kit prepares you for most situations; no one enjoys a vehicle breakdown, after all. 

Remember to have a spare tire, a water-resistant flashlight, wiper fluid, coolant, and a portable gas container on hand for when gas stations become challenging to find.

Travel Toiletries

For those traveling over 24 hours, travel toiletries are a gift! Travel-sized toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, lotion, and other items can get you by until you have the luxury of full restroom use.

Snacks & Drinks

There will come a time when restaurant stops will be few and far between, so having options available is necessary. Trail mix, crackers, and any other small smacks can keep you full while you make your way to the next stop. Don’t forget to hydrate!

First Aid Kit

First aid kits provide you with essential tools to care for scrapes, cuts, and other minor injuries. They’re usually small enough to fit underneath a passenger’s seat for quick access.

Possibly one of the most crucial aspects of a road trip is knowing where you’re traveling and how to get there. You could use a physical map if you prefer, but smartphone apps are the way to go in the age of advancing technology.

Having an app on your phone that directs your navigation is fantastic for getting step-by-step directions in real-time. Here’s a unique tip; consider downloading the same apps that rideshare drivers use. As individuals who drive their cars for a living, they have a pretty good idea of which apps will keep you on the best path. Take a page from their book, and prepare yourself with the apps that will help you enjoy a stress-free trip.

Flexibility and control are some of the main reasons why people enjoy being out on the road. You don’t want to forget these holiday road trip essentials, so remain prepared for any situation that could try to wreck your plans.

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