4 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Surgery

Everyone will have at least one surgical procedure in their lifetime, and children aren’t an exception to that. In fact, it’s quite common. Throughout the years, there are plenty of children’s shows that even discuss experiencing surgery, such as getting tonsils removed.  Sure, it’s common for children to have surgeries, since this is going to be new for each individual child, it’s going to be very overwhelming. 

Even you as the parent may be incredibly anxious because you don’t know if anything can go wrong which they will resort to having to hire medical malpractice attorneys. The idea of it all is stressful, and it’s only natural. Very rarely will any surgery go wrong, fortunately, and with that in mind, here are some ways to help prepare your child for surgery. 

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Discuss with your child their worries

Any kid is going to be worried about an event like this, and it’s only natural too. Just talk to them about their fears, worries, and what is stressing them out. Even let them know that you’re very worried about this too. While everything may be fine, it’s okay to have an open conversation about these fears. Getting these fears addressed sooner will lead to more success in feeling better before the big day.

Get your child to trust their healthcare team

One way to help your child feel less scared is to talk about how great the hospital is, as well as the healthcare team. To ensure happiness and good health, talking about health is the first step in the right direction.  Talk to them about surgery and how it’s there to help them, not punish them. Whatever fears they may need to be addressed. If you have a family or friend that’s a healthcare professional, try to get them to talk to your child as well. It’s important to preserve your child’s trust and to ensure that they understand that they will be in good hands.

Try and schedule a tour before the surgery

There is a chance that this may not be possible, but on the off chance it is, see if you can schedule a tour with your child to the hospital. You may be able to get a preoperative tour. These tours will allow the parents and the children to meet the healthcare team, see some of the rooms, the medical equipment, and even get an understanding of what’s going to happen. This may even help get your child interested or even excited about the surgery if they found the preoperative tour to be entertaining.

Look for children shows that talk about surgery

Since surgery among children is so common, there are plenty of children’s shows that have special episodes dedicated to the fears of surgery. One that stands out is Hey Arnold! Where one of the characters gets their tonsils taken out. Let them watch these special surgery episodes of these shows. The characters portrayed begin by being scared of surgery, learning to accept it, and understanding that it’s there to help them. 

2 thoughts on “4 Tips for Preparing Your Child for Surgery

  • Its nice when you said to talk to you child about how great the hospital is, as well as the healthcare team. I need to send my daughter to a child health clinic as she needs to have a surgery. Thanks for the tips on preparing your child for surgery and I will be keeping your tips in my mind.

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