Van Gogh Exhibit

Ready to immerse yourself, mind, body, & soul? As I passed through the entrance it was as if my soul had dived head first into an emotional abyss. Floating slowly at first as the epic colors moved across the room dancing with a mix of symphonic and techno beats.

Talk about an epic way to celebrate your 16th birthday! My parents surprised my daughter with tickets to see The Original Van Gogh Immersion Exhibit and were kind enough to include all of us in on the experience and what an experience it was!!

I have to be honest, I really didn’t think a couple projectors and some music could allow the mind to go on such an emotional journey that would ultimately send the soul soaring. Why has it taken the world of technology so long to collaborate with the arts? 

I’m having trouble even finding the words. It’s something that is hard to describe if you aren’t experiencing it for yourself. To have the opportunity to be entirely immersed in the art, to walk along it, to feel as though you’re literally walking IN ‘The Starry Night’ is mesmerizing. 

I highly recommend taking the family, or, if you have the opportunity they offer an EPIC ‘Date Night’ package!! The Date Night package includes two VIP tickets, a reserved table in the lounge with two drinks, a box of Malley’s Chocolates, and a candle and diffuser from Voluspa. This would be extremely romantic and get you lots of brownie points 😉 

The Original Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit Cleveland Ohio

Address: 850 E 72nd Street Cleveland, OH 

When: Now-February 6th

Cost: $39.99-$59.99 CLICK HERE to buy tickets 


And be sure to stop off in Little Italy afterward! I highly recommend Mama Santa’s 

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