Home Improvements on a Budget

Making home improvements can be a daunting task, most homeowners expect it to be an incredibly expensive job. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can make changes around your home on a lower budget, so We Buy Any House have looked into the best ways that you can freshen the place up without having to spend a huge amount!

  1. Repaint kitchen cabinets

Replacing a kitchen isn’t a cheap job, with some renovations costing over $5,000 which can put homeowners off – especially if they want to update several rooms in the house in a short space of time. Instead, you can look at how to make your current kitchen look like new while keeping the costs down.

Re-painting your kitchen cupboards can completely transform the room, especially if you pick a different color to really make it stand out. Depending on the material of your cupboards, you can either look at simply painting them, or using fablon to wrap them instead. Both options are very popular and easy enough to do yourself with some practice, and with a huge variety of color and pattern that you can choose, you can personalize your kitchen to your specific taste.

More and more homeowners are introducing brighter colors into their kitchen, with navy, ochre yellow, and teal all being very popular options. 

  1. Update bathroom sealant 

Redoing sealant in bathrooms is a quick and easy job, but will make a huge difference in bathrooms that haven’t been updated in some time and have experienced a lot of staining, or any mold growth that’s damaged the caulk. 

While a lot of homeowners are wary of doing certain DIY jobs in the house for fear of getting it wrong, updating sealant is a very simple process and something that almost anyone can do with confidence. New sealant around the shower or bath will also prevent any leaking, which can be a risk with older sealant that’s started to peel away. 

You might also choose to regrout when you do the sealant, updating the walls fully in the bathroom which will be instantly noticeable. Previously, white grouting was the standard choice, but more and more bathrooms are featuring deep grey and black grout which really makes light tiles stand out.

  1. New flooring

Changing flooring is another job that sounds expensive but can actually be done on a budget. Vinyl flooring is a great option that’s easy to lay and can look very professional, giving you a great floor at a fraction of the cost.

There’s a huge variety of pattern and style that you can pick from, giving you the flexibility to choose something that will fit into your home well; or if you’re looking to redecorate in a new style, you can opt for a design that will compliment the new interior. 

For homes that have carpet flooring and wouldn’t be able to be covered with vinyl, having them cleaned will make them look like new again and can be done on a budget by hiring a carpet cleaning machine and doing it yourself. 

  1. Change lampshades

Lampshades often get overlooked but can make or break a room. By updating them to a more chic, stylish shape and color, it will grab the attention of anyone entering the room. Different shades will also throw light differently, so having the right style in smaller rooms is especially important as light will be distributed more effectively and contribute to making the room look bigger. 

You can go as simplistic or as lavish as you like with your lampshades, opting for whatever style fits best into your home and personal taste. Having matching shades around the house is a nice touch for a coordinated look in each room, or you can choose to match them to each room if your style varies throughout.

Lampshades don’t just apply to ceiling lights – you can update any lights in the house and see how much of a difference it makes.

  1. New mirror in the bathroom

Changing the mirror in a bathroom is a great way to update your bathroom without spending a lot of money. Picking one with a frame that matches the rest of your bathroom is a good way to make it fit more naturally, and you can choose various frame styles that work best – for some, large, ornate frames are preferable, whereas others may prefer something more streamlined and simple.

In smaller bathrooms, opting for a larger mirror will create more space which will make the room look more desirable and impressive. Backlit mirrors are also a very popular choice, as the distribution of light not only makes the room look bigger, but looks more luxurious than other mirrors and is a great option for anyone who wants to make changes that look like they cost more than they actually did. 

You can also choose mirrors with storage behind them, perfect for bathrooms that get a little cluttered and would benefit from extra space to keep toiletries.

  1. Redecorate

The best way to update a home is to redecorate, which can be done on almost any budget. From repainting the walls to hanging wallpaper, refreshing this way allows you to pick any color that you want.

Using apps like the Dulux Visualiser App will help anyone who isn’t sure which color they want to move forward with, letting you take photos of the room you want to paint and add the color via a filter in the app. This is perfect for those who want to decorate but can’t settle on shades, and is also a fun way to try out colors that you might not have considered before seeing them.

Feature walls are also a great option that more homes are opting for, refreshing a room with a simple effect that stands out. 

7. Update toilet fixture

Consider an upflush toilet if you want to take your bathroom to the next level. With its effectiveness, adaptability, and ease of installation, the macerating toilet system sets the standard. The toilet’s appeal is enhanced by its design, which may be one piece and integrates nicely with modern bathroom furnishings and decorations.

No matter your budget, there are plenty of ways that you can improve your house, turning it into your home. 

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