Loyal Additions: Essential Gear To Get Before Adopting a Dog

Many people make a furry addition to the family when the holidays roll around. While some seek a breeder for their dream dog, others consider rescuing a shelter dog. Before you welcome a pup into your family, you’ll need to stock up on canine equipment. Considering all the essential gear to get before adopting a dog will make life as a furry parent a bit easier.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Food Essentials

Your pup will need food and water bowls so that they have somewhere to eat. In addition, many pet owners keep spare bowls on hand in case their dog spends some quality time outside, or they plan on taking a trip together.

You may want to hold off on buying pet food until the day you get your pup. Often, it’s best to slowly introduce a new food into a dog’s diet. Until then, you’ll want to buy the kibble that the pooch you adopt is currently eating at the shelter.

Walking Necessities

Every dog loves a good walk, so you will have to buy a collar, leash, and harness. As far as walking and other outdoor adventures go, a harness is the best option since it’s more secure than a collar; dogs can easily back out of collars and run away.

Pro Tip

When you purchase a collar, you should also get tags with your contact information plus your pup’s name on them. Additionally, after welcoming your furry friend home, you’ll have to get their rabies and other essential tags for their collar to keep their information up to date. 

A Cozy Bed

A home wouldn’t be incomplete without somewhere comfy for your dog to relax, whether it’s bedtime or they simply want some space. As you shop for a crate, remember that your pooch will need room to stand up and turn around.

You may also want to keep this space nice and plush with a blanket or doggy bed but do so mindfully. Some dogs may tear up softer items, either out of boredom or stress, especially on those first few nights.

Dog Toys

As you stock up on the essential gear to get before adopting a dog, you can’t forget about toys. Make things a bit easier by investigating the breed you plan to adopt to see what seems best. For example, retrievers often love a good game of fetch, but other breeds are aggressive chewers.

Get a few toys in the house before your furry addition arrives. Once you get to know your pup, you can add to their toy collection based on what they gravitate toward.

Put your dog out of harm’s reach by ensuring everything is dog-friendly. Your dog should be fed with chemical-free dog food and their toys (and other essentials) should be made from toxic-free materials.

Are You Ready?

You can have all these supplies and more—brush, nail clippers, dog toothbrush—but the most important thing is to ensure your household feels prepared for the new addition. A pet is a big responsibility, and both puppies and adult canines may need training.

Dogs also require walks, ample playtime, and visits to the vet. Make sure everyone in your household—including your current pets—agrees on the newest addition. After all, adopting a pet is a lifelong commitment.

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