Have you Elfed anyone?

‘Tis the season to spread Holiday cheer! And what better way than surprising neighbors and friends with a fun box full of goodies? “You’ve been Elfed” is similar to the, “You’ve been Boo-ed” concept. 

Picture it, doorbell rings, dog barks, you rush to the door & no one! Are you the victim of the ding-dong ditch? Nope. There on your front step is an adorable red bucket with a green bow filled with Christmas treats, you’ve been Elfed! Elf-ing neighbors and friends is a fun way to spread Christmas cheer especially this year when gathering for holiday parties, to decorate cookies, etc. is out of the question.  


How it works…put together a fun gift basket of sorts fill it with Christmas inspired treats, or keep it simple and just drop off cookies and/or maybe a hot cocoa inspired gift, there’s no minimum or max requirements to Elfing someone, it’s the thought that counts (see images below for ideas), and be sure to add the instructions for Elfing as well as the sign that indicates, “You’ve been Elfed”. Then secretly leave it on a friend’s/neighbor’s doorstep, ring the bell and bolt! (the key is to try and be anonymous, if you want…though, this year we’re adding pics for loved ones and friends we haven’t seen since March).

The lucky Elfed recipient is then supposed to post their sign near their door alerting others that “They’ve Been Elfed!” That way, new Elf recruits won’t leave a duplicate “You’ve been Elfed” on the doorstep and the Elfed recipient is asked to Elf other households, leading to a chain reaction of Christmas cheer!! But this year I say we throw the rules out the window and Elf whomever we wish, even if they’ve already been Elfed because you can’t be Elfed too much in 2020! 

Here are some fun Elfed ideas (including ours…shhh ;)):

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