How and When To Clean Your Baby’s Nursery

When bringing home a baby, a major concern is often cleanliness. New parents want to make sure their baby’s nursery is immaculate, and once the baby arrives, keeping that nursery clean can be challenging. Between diapers, spit-up, dirty laundry, and accidents when changing, newborns can make a lot of messes. Knowing how and when to clean your baby’s nursery can help alleviate a lot of the stress.

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Sanitization Station

Babies make messes; it’s normal! Part of knowing how and when to clean your baby’s nursery is seeing how frequently different parts of the nursery require cleaning.

By keeping sanitization supplies in close reach, you can prevent messes from spreading. For example, hand sanitizer near the diaper changing table means you’ll avoid spreading germs.

You should also keep sanitizing wipes nearby to ensure that you can quickly clean up any messes.

Dirty Laundry and Diaper Storage

Diapers are by far the messiest part of caring for babies. Therefore, keeping a diaper storage system that works for your choice of diapering can make cleanup easier. The best diaper storage systems allow for airtight storage until you can throw out disposable diapers or wash cloth diapers.

Keeping dirty laundry and diapers contained helps prevent germs from spreading. Consider cleaning dirty laundry and removing dirty diapers every few days.

Daily Cleanups

There are some areas where daily cleanup should occur. You should clean often-touched areas, like the crib rails, doorknobs, or light switches.

Likewise, you should clean any area that comes into contact with soiled clothes or diapers, like a changing tray, daily.

Weekly Bedding

Unless your child has a blowout or makes a noticeable mess, you only need to wash bedding once a week.

Babies drool a lot, and any minor leaks in the diaper can cause bacteria to develop. Dust will also build up over time if you don’t clean the bedding.

Cleaning Toys Weekly

You should also wipe down toys with disinfectant and rinse them off with water every week. Remember that babies tend to explore with their mouths, which means you need to keep their toys free from germs. And if you notice dirt marks on a toy, clean it as soon as possible. 

Cleaning the Floor

Little ones spend so much time on the floor. Babies crawl, roll and play on the floor, so keeping it clean is essential.

Carpet, in particular, can quickly build up dust and mold, so vacuum twice per week to keep it clean.

Preferably, you should have a HEPA filter in your vacuum to trap any dust, dander, or other allergens instead of pumping them back into the air.

Organizing cleaning tasks while taking care of kids is hard. Therefore, conquer it all by doing these small tasks. As you prepare a new cleaning list, keep in mind that it’s OK to start slow. Do whatever feels right to keep your baby safe!

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