Top Tips for Organizing Your Art Supplies

Proper organization is an art form in and of itself. However, if you find yourself losing track of your supplies, it can distract you and take time away from your work.

Luckily, you can get as creative with your organizing as you can with your art. Here are a few top tips for organizing your art supplies.

Harness the Power of Using a Pegboard

Pegboards are standard tools for organizing materials of any kind, and art supplies are no different. One of the most significant advantages of using pegboards is that you can style them however you like. 

You can use them to hold bins, baskets, containers, or just your bigger tools, such as scissors and brushes. In addition, pegboards are easy to place in any room, so you can hang them on a wall or place them neatly on a desk or table. Pegboards offer an excellent value for organizing your materials because they’re inexpensive but provide tons of practical applications.

Organize Your Materials With a Hanging Shoe Rack

When learning how to store and organize your arts and crafts supplies, you might feel tempted to splurge on an expensive item to compile everything. However, you might already have the perfect organizing tool in your house if you own a hanging shoe rack. 

You don’t have to use these for holding shoes. You can use them to keep track of smaller materials such as glue, stickers, markers, and crayons.

You can even hold your shoes on the lower racks and keep your art materials on the higher ones to maximize space. Best of all, this is another inexpensive item if you don’t have one already.

Use Jars to Color-Coordinate Your Items

Instead of separating your art materials by types, such as paint, colored pencils, and markers, you can use jars to create a system of color coordination. This will encourage you to make more creative decisions with your art since you can layer your works with different textures. 

Keeping a red marker with red paint can also motivate you to create daring monochromatic pieces. Also, if you put everything that’s the same color in a jar, you can throw out the boxes and save space.

Overall, organizing your art materials can seem challenging, but the benefits are worth the effort if you put a little thought into it. Now that you know some top tips for organizing your art supplies, you can use these strategies to focus on creating your next masterpiece.

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