Bowinkles Bash: Why You Need to Book this Luxury Sleepover Rental Experience

Junk food, games, pizza, and movies, what do these all have in common? These checked all the boxes for the perfect sleepover must-haves from my childhood. Sleepovers were a rite of passage, an opportunity to allow us kids to have a bit of independence away from home and have fun! What I didn’t realize as a child was all the work my mom put into planning a sleepover, obviously I was too distracted by more important things, like what movie we were going to rent from Hollywood Video, and what toppings we wanted on our pizza. But now that I’m the mom I have a newfound appreciation for the time and energy my mom put into planning my sleepovers.

I planned, cleaned, made the goody bags, activities, etc., for my older children’s sleepovers which is why when I heard about Bowinkles Bash I was totally on board! Imagine someone coming to your house and prepping everything? Sounds too good to be true? I promise you, it’s not! My youngest hosted her first sleepover at our home thanks to Bowinkles Bash! (SEE DEAL at the bottom)

I was blown away by the fact that Bowinkles Bash not only checked all the must-haves for the perfect sleepover, or sleep-under (when children come over during the day and participate in all the normal sleepover activities, just leave before it’s time to sleep) experience for kids, but for parents as well! 

Extremely Convenient

As parents we are extremely busy, between work obligations, household responsibilities, raising kids, etc. it is hard to find the time to plan meals for the next week let alone a party/sleepover. This is where the “luxury” part comes into play. Have you always wanted to live like the rich and famous, with assistants helping you lockdown gatherings and events? Now’s your opportunity. Get this, you can have your child’s, or grandchild’s b-day party, scouting, cheer, etc. gathering booked and ready in minutes! 

How it works…

  1. This is where the fun begins, CLICK HERE, choose a theme…Unicorn/Rainbow, Pretty in Pink, Sports, Harry Potter, Superheroes, Spa…you can also customize and mix-match themes for the perfect grandkids/cousins’ sleepover night! 
  2. Book your date by placing 50% down
  3. Day of the party…Bowlinkles comes and sets everything up, as in EVERYTHING! All you literally need to do is buy food and remind guests to bring their own pillow and sleeping bag. Bowlinkles Bash provides the air mattress, tent, garland, lights, lanterns, tray, throw pillows, rug, goody bag for guests, etc. And the presentation is STELLAR!!  

The theme we chose was Slumber Spa! The setup looked like something straight out of a magazine. 

The girls had a magnificent time. And all I had to do was book & buy food…I’d call that a great deal!


I asked the girls what they thought and they said they loved the theme and the comfort of having their own space…their own mattress, tent, tray, etc. Sometimes being away from home can bring about a bit of anxiety and allowing each child to have their own safe space while still being in the larger community space allowed for a nice “security blanket” so to speak. 

That’s a wrap! 

Once the gathering is over and guests have left there are directions for everything that needs to go back to Bowlinkes the next day. It literally could not be more convenient…I think it took us less than 20 minutes to repack everything. 

The girls had so much fun we’re definitely using Bowlinkles Bash again for future gatherings!! 


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