Easy Ways To Incorporate What You Love Into Your Decor

Your home decor changes from time to time. In the spring it’s light and breezy, in the summer it helps your house to feel cool, in the autumn it’s cozy and warm, and in the winter you love to keep a sense of Christmas in the air! All in all, the way you decorate your home reflects your personality and what you want out of life, but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with your decor ideas. This is why this post is here; your decor should reflect what you love, and we’ve got some tips to help encourage that. 

Pexels Image – CC0 Licence

Focus on the Colors You Love

What’s your favorite color? Because no matter if it’s dark green or bright pink, it’s best to use it to decorate your home. The more you love the colors and patterns on your walls, floors, and furniture, the more you’re going to like being in those rooms. 

Use it to highlight darker colors in the bedroom, use it to add a splash in the kitchen and bathroom, and use it as the main feature in the living room. Get a rug in your favorite color to go down on the floor if you’ve got a white carpet or some plain hardwood, and use pops of it in your cushions to keep your sofa looking interesting. 

Get Your Family Involved 

You love your family more than anything else in the world, and that can come in handy when decorating your home! After all, you can get the kids to create some art for you, get your partner to put up a few shelves, and you can take an idea from each and every one of them for what to do with a corner or spare wall. 

You can even project your love of family and peace in the home with your decor. Invest in some sculptures to put around like these pieces by Willow Tree, or paste some family-oriented quotes on the wall. Feeling loved within the home is a great way to help you all get along, and it’s nice to see that represented in your interior. 

Have a Feature Wall

Feature walls are a great way to show off the things you love, especially if you don’t want your own personality to override the house as a whole. If you’re a bit of a nerd, for example, and love some cult classic movies or tabletop games, you can use a feature wall to display the merchandise and models. 

And seeing as feature walls are natural focal points, you can use any spare wall for it! Behind the sofa, behind the TV, near the door – these are all prime spaces for dressing up in an interesting and beloved way. You’ll even have a great conversation starter for the next time you’ve got guests over. 

If your decor is lacking a little love right now, keep tips like those above in mind for better success.

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