What You Need To Know About Children’s Ministry Materials

Teaching children about the Bible and what it means to be a Christian is a vital component of many churches. There are many ways to reach the children of your church and community. No matter your methods, having the right ministry lesson materials for children helps you to present your teachings in an organized way that grabs the attention of participants.

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What Is A Children’s Ministry

A children’s ministry can be several things. Most often it is an outreach arm of a specific church. In some cases, it may be run by a children’s minister or pastor, or it may be completely run by volunteers. Its focus is usually on educating the children of congregation members.  This is often done through Sunday School classes and children’s activities, teaching them Bible basics and stories, while modeling Christian life and love of God and Jesus. Many churches aim to reach beyond their members, by holding vacation Bible schools or youth groups.

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What Materials are Necessary for Teaching

While not all of these materials are needed for a successful ministry lesson, the following are some things you might want to consider.

  • Whiteboard/Chalk Board
  • Dry erase markers or chalk
  • Projector and screen for video presentations
  • Coloring pages related to your lesson, along with crayons and child-safe markers
  • Kid-friendly Bibles
  • Age-appropriate illustrated Bible stories
  • Bible-related figurine toys and scenes
  • Bible puzzles
  • Written game printouts, like Bible crossword puzzles or word searches
  • Craft supplies including cardboard, scissors, glue, stickers, construction paper, and paint
  • Bible character costumes for acting out stories
  • A solidly written curriculum to help with ideas and planning

How to Select the Right Lesson Materials

There are a number of things to consider when looking for the right lesson materials for your ministry. Materials are often based on age, so know how old the children will be and pick something that is appropriate for their level. You’ll definitely want to do some detailed planning. Do you want to focus on a specific Bible story for the lesson? Or maybe a broader theme, like helping others or the importance of loving your neighbor?

Once you have the lesson topic selected, you can start narrowing down how you’ll present it. This is where the right materials come in. Things like Bible-related toys give young kids something to hold and touch. A guided craft project helps to make a lesson interactive. Games add another interactive component while helping to reinforce key concepts. Illustrated books give time for quiet listening. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity when it comes to teaching.

Where to Source Ministry Lesson Materials for Children

Now that you have an idea of how you’ll present the children’s ministry lesson and what type of things you’ll need, the next step is to source the materials. There are many free resources online that offer curriculums, game ideas, craft ideas, and more, all specific to the Bible and Christianity. It’s also worth checking with your church as it may have a stash of supplies you can use.

Sometimes, spending a little money is the best way to go. High-quality lesson materials are often worth the price and make a big impact on your presentation. If you don’t personally have the money for this, try asking for donations from the congregation. People who support your children’s ministry will be willing to help.

It’s well worth the time and effort to research and find the supplies that fit your style of teaching. Incorporating the right lesson materials for your children’s ministry activities will help to drive home the points that you want to teach in an engaging and enjoyable way.

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