4 Things to Consider Before You Choose a Virtual Piano Teacher

Before choosing a virtual piano teacher, you need to consider several things. Many of these tips will apply to any instrument, not just the piano. The information provided in this post is designed to help you find the best match and learn everything you can.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

1. What Are Your Goals?

The first thing you should do is get clear about your goals. Do you want to learn to play a few specific songs? Are you hoping to gain music-theoretical knowledge? Are you not sure what you want yet, but know that this online piano teacher will help prepare you for the future?

Make sure the teacher can meet your needs. If your goal is to learn a specific song or genre, make sure that this instructor has experience teaching in that style. If playing other people’s music isn’t as important to you as improvising and creating your pieces, ensure your instructor has some experience in those areas! 

2. How Much Time Do You Want to Commit?

Virtual piano instructors are very different from traditional tutors. Generally, their job is to teach you about music, not help you with your daily life. And because it’s virtual and on the computer, the pace is much slower than with live tutors. You can’t expect a teacher to get in front of a class and do an hour of teaching. The good thing is that, because the teacher has to learn everything about each student as soon as they join up, they have time to answer every question without awkward pauses or wandering off-topic. 

3. Do You Like to Study With a Group?

If you prefer group instruction, you have some options. You could create a group of friends, hire a teacher to provide an online class or find other groups already formed and enroll in their course. There are several benefits to this option:

  • Group classes are usually cheaper than individual lessons.
  • You can learn from your peers by sharing your music.
  • If you make up the group, you can choose who is in it.

4. Do You Have In-Person Options?

Online lessons are often much more cost-effective than in-person lessons. In most cases, a full hour of online piano instruction will cost less than half the price of a whole-hour lesson with an in-person instructor. The main reason for this price difference is that online teachers generally have lower overhead.

While you may not be able to find an in-person teacher if you live in a remote area or if there’s not quite the demand for instructors in your particular zip code, online lessons can expand your options tenfold.

You Can Find Great Value in an Online Piano Teacher

  • Your first step should be to find an online piano teacher with decent reviews and testimonials.
  • You aren’t going to find a music teacher who can teach you as much as you want, but they can find someone else to help you work on your technique or learn a new piece.
  • Online piano teachers are accessible and give plenty of one-on-one attention, which is essential for learning the basics of music.

Having a talented, dedicated piano teacher to help develop as a player makes all the difference to a serious pianist. Whether you go through a traditional brick-and-mortar school or look into online piano teacher options, the most important thing is finding a music instructor who can build on your interests and the enthusiasm you bring to your musical pursuits. This is where Forbes music company comes in. Have fruitful piano lessons!

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