4 Vital Skills You Can Teach Your Children To Prepare Them for College

Whether your child is a toddler or entering the teen years, college years will be upon you both before you know it. Instilling crucial skills in your children now before they go off to a university will serve them well, helping them achieve top grades and obtain a far better job upon graduation. Here are some skills you can teach your children to prepare them for college.

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

1. Teach Your Child Independence

Teach your children independence and it will not only help them in college but also serve them well in life. Bashar Hanna is the president of Bloomsburg University and has served in this role since 2017. He emphasizes the importance of encouraging your child to learn to become independent before graduating from high school.

Make your expectations clear to your children so that they understand what you want from them. Don’t just tell your kids to do a task, however, but teach them how to do it. Break down big chores into small, doable tasks and come up with a routine so that life skills become a habit.

2. Teach Your Child Time Management Skills

Good time management skills are vital for everyone to learn and especially your children. Come up with a realistic schedule for your children and make sure they experience consequences when they don’t finish a task on time. Don’t do your children’s homework for them. If they put it off until it’s too late, let them experience the consequences of getting a bad grade.

By learning to finish tasks on time when they still live with you, your children will be better able to handle their school load while at college.

3. Teach Your Child How To Budget

Budgeting is another vital skill that’s often put off until it’s too late. Everyone needs to know how to manage money and your children are no different. Make your children earn their allowance and then teach them to keep track of their expenses while comparing them to their income. Even if your children’s expenses consist of buying candy and soda pop, keeping track of what they spend will help them manage their money later on when they’re living on their own at college.

4. Teach Your Child Smart Studying Skills

When college comes, your child will have an increased academic load. Learning to study smart will serve your child well in college and beyond. Teach your child to take notes while reading for better retention. Then show your child how to review those notes along with the notes taken in class for better comprehension of the material. By studying smart, your child will save time and make better grades while at college.

Moving away from home for the first time and attending college can be a bewildering experience. Your child will make new friends and have new experiences. All kinds of temptations are out there that can derail that dream of pursuing a degree and finding that exciting career afterward. Prepare your children so they not only survive college but thrive.

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