7 Easy Tips to Stay Comfy at the Gym (as a Woman)

If you actually use your fitness pass, well done. You’re getting fit and healthy in the right environment. But if you are new to working out, here’s how you can stay comfy at the gym.

Wear Supportive Clothing

Even the most gentle exercise, like yoga, requires movements. And when you move, as a woman, certain things just can’t beat gravity. And you don’t want your boobs rubbing the mat as you transition into a “downward-facing dog.” So supportive clothing becomes vital at the gym. And not for comfort alone, but also for your modesty. Fortunately, most sportswear comes with some level of support, but your everyday bras won’t be good enough. Sports bras and wireless bras (shop online for wireless bras here) offer an extra layer of support. 

Stay Comfy at the Gym with Good Footwear

The average runner goes through three pairs of running shoes per year. Yet the movements you need to do with even light exercise means your feet and ankles often take the weight of your routine. So good quality footwear becomes essential. Brands like Skechers offer the highest level of comfort for light exercise and using gym equipment. But specialty shoes from sports brands like Adidas are excellent for jogging and running because of their shock absorbers. Buying the best you can afford works out cheaper than constantly replacing poor footwear.

Don’t Wear Anything that Could Catch

Staying comfy at the gym also has an element of safety. Loose-fitting clothing and stuff that can catch are dangerous when working out. Even t-shirts and jogging pants aren’t recommended for some activities. And things like bangles and watches can also be a safety hazard. It is recommended you wear gear intended for your training. For instance, if you intend on only running, then a t-shirt and jogging pants are OK. But if you also want to use lifting machines, these are too loose and could catch on weights, causing a very serious injury.

Use Accessories for Comfort

Comfort at the gym isn’t only about the clothes you wear. Some parts of your body will become stressed, meaning you need some protection. Try the following:

  • Memory foam insole inserts (if you can’t afford expensive footwear)
  • Lifting gloves for weights
  • Hair ties and headbands to stop your hair from falling on your face
  • Knees, wrists, and back support to reduce strain and injury
  • Mats and padded benches to ease pressure

Any of these alone is a great start. But using all of them together is an excellent way to ensure you reduce as much risk as possible to your body by easing pressure and strain.

Remove Your Jewelry

Like securing loose items, you mustn’t wear jewelry when working out at the gym. You should even consider removing your wedding ring if you will be doing things like lifting weights or rowing. The pressure could cause nerve damage to your finger or even ruin the ring itself. Bulky watches should also be replaced with gym-appropriate heart rate monitors or smartwatches. Additionally, things like earrings will definitely put you at risk since they can easily catch on to something. And at the very least, it will just annoy you when running or moving.

Wear Ventilated Gear to Stay Comfy at the Gym

With all the working out you will be doing, you will get hot and sweaty. Nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just natural. But the clothing you wear can make this worse. Therefore, you must buy gym wear designed for comfort. Ventilated clothing is excellent since it helps your body stay cooler after an intense workout. Ventilated gear is also designed to reduce friction when you move, so you won’t get skin irritation after a session. If you can’t find ventilated gear you like or you can afford it, try clothing that is light and airy but not loose enough to be a danger.

Take Care of Your Mental Comfort

Of course, comfort extends to your mental latitude as well. Going to the gym, especially when you are new, can be off-putting. You can feel like you are on display when you wear tight clothes, and people might be looking at you. They may be checking you out. But for the most part, they are getting on with their own workout. If you aren’t mentally comfortable, stick to areas where you feel hidden. And work out with a friend. Also, if it’s safe to do so, wear loose clothing, like t-shirts and halters, over your tight gym clothes, so you’re not too exposed.


Working out at the gym is exhausting. But your comfort plays a key role. You can increase comfort with supportive clothing and good shoes. But also take care of your mental comfort.

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