How To Make a Cleaning Schedule for Every Room in Your House

Living in a space that’s clean and organized has great health benefits for your body and mind. A clean, organized space helps improve focus and sleep quality while reducing stress and anxiety. But just because you know the health benefits of having a clean space doesn’t mean you know how to keep everything clean. It seems that as soon as we clean one area, another area gets messed up. Keep reading to learn how to make a cleaning schedule for every room in your house.

Step 1: Observing

The first step in creating a cleaning schedule to boost your health is observing what in your home requires in order to be clean. Do a walkthrough with a notebook, jotting down the areas that are consistently dirty and cluttered and noting the type of cleaning you regularly do in each room. Is your laundry room always a mess? Do you keep on top of your living room furniture maintenance? Organize your observations and cleaning habits by room so that they’re easy to organize in the next step.

Step 2: Grouping

Once you know what needs cleaning and what cleaning habits you already have in place, start grouping chores by frequency. What areas do you need to clean every day in each room? What needs to be cleaned every week, every month, or every year? Write down how frequently you would clean in an ideal world—the reality check comes later.

Step 3: Scheduling

You already have your ideal cleaning schedule in a perfect world, but your real schedule is your reality check. If you know roughly how long each task takes and how much time you normally spend cleaning, you can start fitting cleaning tasks into time slots on your schedule. Don’t forget to find slots for monthly and annual cleaning needs, as well as the daily and weekly ones. Write your schedule in a planner or calendar to hold yourself accountable.

Step 4: Moving Forward

Replicate your weekly schedule for the month and your monthly schedule for the year so that you can move forward easily. For weeks and months when you have more free time, try to squeeze in the cleaning tasks that need to be done less regularly, such as cleaning out your spare freezer or organizing your garden shed. Spreading these cleaning needs out prevents them from all hitting at once during seasonal changes or breaks. You can move forward without fear of being bombarded with cleaning tasks in the future.

Now you know how to make a cleaning schedule for every room in your house in just four steps. By observing, grouping, scheduling, and moving forward with that schedule, you’ll be able to keep your home clean and organized and reap all the related health benefits.

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