Olga’s is BACK in TOLEDO (Includes a $50 Giveaway)

Long day at work and you still have to pick up the kiddos and make dinner? What if you could have a restaurant-quality meal that will have you channeling memories from your childhood? Oh, and it’s super convenient, you in? 

One bite will have you traveling back to a simpler time when we didn’t have to check multiple email accounts, text messages, messenger, and voicemail. When the only means of contacting someone was via a phone call. And if you were out to dinner with the family you didn’t have to request those phones be on silent or notifications turned off. You simply slid into a booth, ordered, and gave one another your undivided attention…that is until the person making the bread behind the glass caught your eyes and you begged mom and dad to walk you over and watch them make the most magical bread you had ever tasted. Have an idea where we’re at? Olga’s!!! 

Olga’s Express

Website: https://order.olgas.com/menu/olgas-express-toledo

Phone:(419) 472-3663

Address: Inside Graze Shared Kitchen, 1734 W Laskey Rd, Toledo, OH 43613

Hours: 11AM-2AM Daily 

If you’re from the area you grew up with Olga’s restaurant. In fact, my generation quite literally grew up with Olga’s, from the time I was in elementary school to the time I had my first job at Franklin Park Mall (then Westfield) Olga’s Kitchen was only second to the one at home. I was so sad when the last Olga’s restaurant in the area closed, but thankfully Olga’s is back!!! That’s right, it’s back, and more convenient than ever…Olga’s Express offers the convenience that our generation has come to appreciate. You can order online as you’re leaving work, pick up the kids, grab your order, and then sit down in your own kitchen for a relaxing, delicious, and enjoyable dining experience. Quality time with the family with quality food that not only makes your tastebuds dance but also channels childhood memories that bridge the gap between generations is priceless! 

“Quality time with the family with quality food that not only makes your tastebuds dance but also channels childhood memories that bridge the gap between generations is priceless!” 

If there was ever a bread in the entire world to cheat with it’s this one!!! OMG! I’ll admit, this low-carb momma can’t resist the heavenly texture and taste of the Olga Bread…and we can’t forget the Snackers, my mouth is literally watering just thinking about them! 

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you deserve the night off from cooking dinner? Share this childhood favorite with your children today!!! 


Enter for your chance at a $50 gift card to Olga’s Kitchen

1- Follow https://www.facebook.com/olgaskitchen or https://www.instagram.com/olgas_kitchen/

2- Comment below indicating your favorite Olga’s dish or what you’re looking forward to trying.

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The winner will be randomly selected on June 18th @ 11:59PM and posted June 19th

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